Yay for Daddies!!


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We all love our Momma's of course, but let us not forget DADDIES!!! Some of us have only Daddies, and some have both Daddies & Mommas too. So we raise a paw to all the Daddies - have a good day on Sunday. Any kitty can show you how to kick back & relax to enjoy your day in the spotlight- we are all good at it. Enjoy your day!
Sending all our purrs & kitty loves to our Dad...we love you The Dad!!! Maizy, Tigger & Smithwick hail


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I forget sometimes, that there are daddy's on here too, and that some kitties, who have mommy's and daddy's, have very caring daddy's. I think this is a great post!

My daddy died 2 yrs ago. He was a Medic in Viet Nam, and, he was at Coo Chi, which I can't spell, it was one of the worser ones. He loved us all very much, and would be very proud, how us kittens turned out. Being a Medic, he knew about proper nutrition and proper health, and was always on board, with us getting the best food, and going to the vettys when we needed to.

Lets share stories about our daddy's!

Sorry, still not feeling up to using smileys much yet. I know he was up there, to greet and watch over Bump when he got there.

Happy Daddy's Day, to all the Catster Dad's!!

((((((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))))

Irma Thomas

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Cruiser, we don't have a Daddy here on Earth (our meowmy never married), and her Daddy is in Heaven, he died in 2004. He liked cats, and she knows he welcomed Maggie (who was killed by a dog in March, 2005, as well as Thomas, Benny, Jimmy and Alice who were lost in Hurricane Katrina. Maggie and Thomas he had known before. And when Louis Armstrong went to the Rainbow Bridge meowmy's Daddby welcomed him also (her daddy was a veteran of WWII and Korea (Air Force).

Know you all must still miss Bump.....we all still look for Louie. Our meowmy sends a hug to yours. Have you seen little Irma Thomas, who adopted meowmy two weeks after we lost Louie? We made her the author of this post.

Best to you all, and Happy Father's Day to all the CATSTER Dads!!!wave


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We didn't knows about little Irma Thomas! Welcome little Irma!! You is so cute! We is so glady, that Louie sent ya to your new mommy. Mommy reads your little story, and it mady her cries. Ya reminder her of Coal. He and his brother Ember was foundy by DPW workers, and they was only a few days old. Little Ember didn't make it, little Coal has a goody homey, mommy almost tooky him, a kitty show friend toldy her about him, and she putty him on here, with our family.

My grandpa was in WWII, he was a tail gunner, and in civilian life, he was a pilot.

My mommy has seen Bump 3 times, got to petty him the 2nd time, and she heard him meowing in the bathroom the 4th time, me and Cruiser wasn't even in the bathroom.

We still miss Louie too, we was devastated when he passed, but he is up there playin with Bump.

My mommy called my breeder and asky for another kitten, the nice lady, said I has kittens now, or when every ya is ready. My mommy decided to waity, and see if a kitten comes into our lifes, that needys a goody homey.

Me and Cruiser seen Bump, in his carrier, that awful day, we sat and stared inside it. Mommy couldn't see him, but we could.

Our Aunty Kelly lost Buffalo, the month before, we remembers him, from when he was a kitten on the circuit, and we loved him too. She is upsety, that Buffalo hasn't comes to her, like Bump did. She asky Buffalo, if he could find her class ring, she losty 20 yrs ago. The next day, a lady called her mommy, and said, I think I found your daughters class ring. Thats the closest she gots, in getting a message from Buffalo. I hopey he comes to her.

We is looking forwards in watching little Irma grows up!!! (((((((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))))


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we love this post too. we only have a daddy, and we love him so much happy dance. our daddy is very proud and happy to be a catdad. our daddy has no dad or human kids, so, he says we are is furkids.cheer thanks for this post tigger, too bad more daddies did not post.


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Dear Ones.....it is Jan here, Tambolina's Meouwmy.....this thread is SO LOVELY and it is so sad that there are not more posts....there is so much sadness here....but also so much hope and love.....

And, yes.....Daddies are A GOOD THING.....!!! The Daddy of Tambolina and her compatriots is a wonderful person....well, he is so, some of the time...!! But he adores our cats....he often pretends that they are MY cats and that he has nothing to do with them.....but it was HIM who saw that Jimmy's urinary tract was blocked and thus saved his life; it was HIM who spent whole days with Joseph Conrad in Conrad's last years - while they grumbled and moaned at each other, like two grumpy old men; and it is HIM who cuddles Miss Lille and soothes her when I have to give her her medicine every day......

My own Daddy was not a very good Daddy, but he was my Daddy and I loved him.....


Miss Maxi

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Miss Hannah here, Miss Maxi's Meowmy (never called myself that before!),
Miss Maxi has no Daddy, but she has 'surrogate' Daddies who visit, who get down on the floor and talk to her in kitty-speak, and fuss her and love her - so she kind of has 'Daddies'!
To all the kitty Daddies on here I hope you all had a wonderful fathers day and that your kitlets treated you well on the day, as well as every other day of the year...We know the kits look after us as much as we look after them, and that is why we love each other.
Hugs to all the Daddies,
From Miss Hannah and Miss Maxi hail