Should I change her name or not?


Purred: Tue Apr 3, '12 3:38pm PST 
The 'kitten' of the house is nearly 4 years old. She was given her name of Parret the day I got her from the farmhouse. Read her story here.
With her personality going through a drastic change... she is now total affection!!! happy dance
I'm tempted to change her name, not just another nickname. All I have to do right now is touch her and she will purr immediately almost to no end! If I'm laying down, she will be on my chest.
The names I've thought of have the same meaning, just from different sources:
1. Venus
2. Aphrodite
Both are the goddess of love which is what Parret now seems to be.


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She sounds so sweet

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You could add either Venus or Aphrodite to Parret's name, or use them as "nicknames". She is precious and I can understand how she worked her way into your heart and home so quickly.

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