Where is Miss Kaci Sunshine?

Bella My- Beautiful- Angel

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Purred: Mon Feb 20, '12 6:19pm PST 
She hasn't been here since Valentines day or so. We're getting worried. We have pmailed and there has been no response...has anyone heard from her? I worry-we have similar health issues.


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Purred: Tue Feb 21, '12 12:05pm PST 
I think things are ok - Abby sent Smitty a pawmail on Sunday & she mentioned that she was super busy on Vday with the dreamgirls postings. Someone's computer kept crashing, and she was helping out.

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Purred: Wed Feb 22, '12 1:58pm PST 
Here I am Bella! wave

Hi Smithwick! wave

Sorry you were so worried Bella! Mom was very busy with stuff at home and other than a quick peek and a dash here and there, I wasn't able to be active until today. I'm ok but of course I have my usual issues with lack of appetite that worry mommy so much and I threw up yesterday. But I seem to be fine today and ate my breakfast. That made mommy very happy! big grin