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No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
Purred: Sun Sep 18, '11 9:24am PST 
Ok...Ok.....it is me again.....Tambolina's Meouwmy, Jan.....

The book IS going to be published (ok...ok...I have said that that is so, so many times before, and it did not happen....I accept that)....BUT

Two URLs (I think that is what they are called)...have a look, please.....please.....

'https://www.facebook.com/pages/Grandad-Co nrad/228489687184168'

'https://www.sundialpress.co.uk/Grandad%20C onrad%20home.html'

It IS GOING TO HAPPEN......and the money will go to the poor cats at 'Cats' Protection'......




Patch - wallpaper- stripper
Purred: Sun Sep 18, '11 10:26am PST 
Good for you Jan, I can't wait to get a copy, god bless you.

Patch and his mommy Mary from FB.

Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Sun Sep 18, '11 10:34am PST 
Tambi and Jan--

Neither of those addresses work. We went to the Sundial Press site but couldn't find it there. Nice selection of UK West Country literature, though. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix the URLs posted? I never was very good at those.

We all congratulate Jan and Tambi and the whole family on the publication of Grandad's book!applause

---Delyte and his person

Pete- Fountain

So happy to have- a safe and- loving home!
Purred: Sun Sep 18, '11 3:13pm PST 
Great News!!!! We knew you could get this book done, and not lots and lots of people will be able to enjoy Grandad's story.

Oh, and Lord Peter sends his regards to the lovely Miss Tambolina.

The New Orleans Kitties

Mouse- ♥

The one and- only.
Purred: Mon Sep 19, '11 1:34am PST 
You need to take out the spaces in the URLs.
Catster puts spaces in them when they are posted in the forums.
Close the space between the o & the n in Conrad in both URLs.

Mum is hoping to get a copy of the book too.
Well done.


No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
Purred: Mon Sep 19, '11 1:58am PST 
Dear Mouse.....many, many thank you's for the information about taking away the space between the 'o' and the 'n' of Conrad..

...please, please try them again my friends....please try them again.....

thank you...

Jan (and Tambolina)


headed for the- light.
Purred: Mon Sep 19, '11 4:51pm PST 
YaY, we know this has been a trial for you. We want a real copy. Will it be illustrated?

kaya skye

not fighting my- demons-we joined- forces
Purred: Wed Sep 21, '11 12:27am PST 
in time for christmas. lovely. applause


No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
Purred: Thu Sep 22, '11 10:59am PST 
Dear all......EEEEEkkkkk.....my Catster stuff is linked to my facebook stuff...and the other way round.....!!!! It is SO FREAKY.....!! But OOOhhhh, the Grandad's wake is THERE for them to see who can see.....hold on, I am just going to look up 'Revelations'......something....something...about 'who can see and understand' .......Nah....I have got a bit bored with this, can't find what I was looking for.....BUT I think it was to do with the 'number of the beast (666)' and the Grandad was, indeed, a beast.....but a very lovely beastie....

Dear ones.....

Jan (and Tambolina)

RADDY (my- heart's- darling)

I am still my- Meouwmy's- Beloved....
Purred: Sat Sep 24, '11 5:24am PST 
Just 'google' Grandad Conrad.......there is loads of stuff there...

The Meouwmy was supposed to go to the Gloucester Hospital to visit the male human today....but the Tambi GOT OUT (gawd knows how) and the Meouwmy cannot bring herself to leave home until the Tambi comes in..

The printing of The Diary is going forward (the Meouwmy has been told)....but the Meouwmy just wants it to HAPPEN...LIKE YESTERDAY?.......

The Meouwmy and I are feeling very big, strong and rich.....!!! Many friends have donated money towards the payment for the publication of The Diary......THEY BELIEVE IN ME.....AND SO THEY SHOULD....AM I NOT THE MAGNIFICENT AND REVOLTING GRANDAD CONRAD......?!!!

Much love to you all.....

Grandad Conrad (TMAR)

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