Cat crazy? What is that in honest truth?


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I didn't find anywhere else to say what is on my heart these days. I feel sorry for the person we (five cats in a family) are guardians of.

My human mother was called a 'crazy cat lady' - the one who is totally out of her mind and deranged.

No, nobody on Catster called her that - they were humans from some other place. But is it possible for a human to be cat-crazy? Is my human mother very wrong in loving us that much?

Well, I'm a cat - that's obvious.
My three sisters and brother and I are happy with our humans - mom and dad, though we know that our humans are old people. Maybe they are not the best, but they are good to us.

They care for every of our need and mom said she will give her life for us if need be.

Our human mother had to give up her job in order to look after us properly some two years ago, when we were very young.

She feeds us the best they can summon, and if any leftovers and our humans have no money - mom cooks that raw meat (which is slightly dried up for herself).
Is that so crazy? I thought those leftovers are great - we just want our raw food super-fresh, but humans can cook theirs and it makes no difference for them?

Is it bad for a human to do that kind of thing?

I came across to hear about humans who would want to chuck their cat outside 24/7 (declawed!!!) or put her down (kill her and a young age!) just because she has developed some problems with litter-box!

Well, if that is normal for a human - then I rather live with cat-crazy humans who are hurt by other humans because of what they are, and who wouldn't give up on us ever.

I think Catster is a good place to post this in order to ask - what do you think - all of you: any furs, and any humans?

Do any of your human mothers and fathers sacrifice even a little for you?

Please tell us your stories so I can tell my mom that she can feel better?


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Our Meowma is PROUD to be a 'crazy cat lady'and does spend a LOT more time talking to, spoiling, and loving us than she does anyone else. People who think your momma is crazy just haven't had a kitty love them and don't know how great it is!


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I have 5 cats, and am a pensioner. Your mom is not crazy at all. If my mom has little money left at the end of the week our food comes first, mom can eat toast, we can't. So if this makes her a crazy cat lady too then so be it.laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud