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Nice new pictures, other BooBoo! Our "new addition" confused is 13 weeks and got neutered Wednesday past, so I would think you could be done at any time now. You don't want to wait until you are all over six moonths old or you boys might start spraying, and worse, Crazee could get pregnant and then you guys would have to put up with even littler kittens! I know you don't want that!
BooBoo-momma, welcome to the world of kitties. Since you are so used to dogs, there are a few basic things tothat help a lot to remember.
1) We really, really love you, but dogs will kiss butt. We won't, so if you want to teach us any tricks (or if you prefer, "behaviors")it has to be fun or benefit us too.
2) We are not pack animals and are goig to argue sometimes. Don't worry too much about it unless someone is really getting beat up.
3) Keep a bathroom apiece for us and scoop every day...thanks.
4) Never, ever, ever, let us play with your hands and feet no matter how cute you think it is. You'll be sorry. When we try it, substitute a toy, which you should have a variety of; balls, wands, fishing pole type, etc.
5) What's it hurting for us to be getting away with whatever we want to do?

Oh, and don't worry too much about what breeds may or not bew in their backgrounds. Although breed descriptions list 'personalites" we don't read those, and they are far less an indicator of what to expect as compared to dog breeds. But I guess you can tell that given the difference in Crazee and Honey Boi!

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BooBoo has been to the vet and has already got the deed done. So far our vet said its too early for Crazee & Honey Boi . Its getting me nervous. As for their breed(s) i just wanted to make sure there was no special care that they needed or should be getting (healthwise, grooming, etc.) Every day has been a new learning experience for us big grin. Example: BooBoo got into human goodies (Arare/mochi crunch)a day later he was vomitting with (i swear) explosive diarrhea. Ever the paranoid human mom, I rushed him to our Vet, demanded (screamed bloody murder) to be seen "NOW" (i really felt he had 2 paws in the door to cat heaven) I caused all this commotion only to be told that like dogs & humans, BooBoo ate something that upset his tummy and it'll run its course and he'll be fine. Needless to say I apologized profusely to one and all, explaining my knowledge of canines and human foods that can kill (trying my hardest to justify my crazed behavior)laugh out loud By the time we got home BooBoo was back to normal....

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your paranoia is understood, appreciated, and not laughed at here. some human foods are lethal to cats...one of our dear friends lost a kitten to a piece of green onion. (RIP dear Cabot...crylittle angel) Now, Cabot had to have some sort of special sensitivity, but it IS true that onion and garlic can cause fatal anemia in kitties, especially kittens. (Usually it has to build up, however...so the guilt Cabot's human meowmy felt was out of proportion and truly irrational...are you hearing me, Val?)

As for diseases inherent to breed, your kitties hark back to Siamese most likely...fairly healthy breed when not inbred to an OCD tizzy. However...are any of them crosseyed? Not a health risk, just something to look for. I have 2 Siamese ancestry kitties, one is rather crosseyed. So was their momcat, but since she was still a deadly huntress and now plays ping pong in Waterford, Connecticut...no biggie.
A factor that might influence their behavior more than breed is the possibility/probability that you have genetic ferals rather than genetic domesticated kittens. This does not mean you cannot socialize them. It does mean they might have some rather peculiar behavior patterns...and since all cats have peculiar behavior patterns, this is saying something. I currently live with 3 genetic ferals, and they are a delight, a trial, and a continuous surprise.


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Well, if Momcat had longish fur, that makes Ragdoll seem the most likely answer. You'll get a better idea once the kittens have grown up. If Momcat looked like a purebred, she probably was. (Whatever the breed.) Whatever the breed, the kittens look either purebred or half--phenotypical distinctions can disappear pretty quickly in mixed breed cats. Traditional Siamese can be quite muscular, but Ragdolls are BIG. So, wait to see how long the fur gets, what kind of meow they develop as adults, and keep posting pictures. The heart disease HCM is associated with Ragdolls (and Maine Coons), but that doesn't mean that every cat gets it--and moggies can have HCM, too. Ragdoll fur is silky and fairly easy to take care of--if your kitties do end up having longish fur, a metal comb is your best friend.

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I think they are seal point and seal point bi-color domestic shorthairs. Ragdolls are longhair, snowshoes are a bit rare also.

there very pretty eaither way. i doubt they have any special needs, just regular cat care.


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Ragdolls are very big and fluffy purebreds, that are worth a bit of money. i think its probibly unlikely one would roam the streets, allthough i suppose its possible.

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