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(don't know if this is in the right section!)

I've been told Nyx is a black smoke with ghost tabby markings. In my reading of smokes it seems that smokes are rare to be found in mixes and usually have some kind of purebred or are purebreds to have this colour come out. Also Nyx has green eyes, I just read that to be a true smoke they have to orange eyes?! Is this true?

My vet and friends seem to think Nyx has Siamese in her, I'm not too familiar with cat breeds so I don't really have anything to compare with.

I know cats are probably the same as dogs, and mixes or anything without papers is hard to take a guess at, but for fun was just wondering what cat-savvy people thought they saw in Nyx. smile

Little stats:
- around 5'ish pounds at almost a year
- VERY energetic, plays a lot
- very vocal, but it's a quiet, "bird chip" sound
- "trainable", within a few short weeks she's walking quite nicely on leash in harness

I don't know how to post a picture on the thread so you'll have to check out her page. smile


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ok, nyx looks a lot like me, and i have a lot of havana brownish traits. i am not a havana brown. i am a brown kitty who started out black smoke from a momcat who was a siamese mix. momcat had crossed eyes, kinked tail, the ears, the body, the whole megillah-she was just chocolate all over instead of chocolate pointed. who knows? go look at her pictures. her momcat is ayla, she's in her 'family', so you can see her too. wesley is her brother from a later litter, but no really recent pics of him.

we call jadyn our "natural" havana feral. i still think, looking at her characteristics and comparing them closely to breed standard, that someone could have used her in an outcross program if they'd wanted to-but why would i have done that to her? (you know, hybrid vigor. keep the phenotype, including the bottlenose, longer from front to back muzzle, but avoid compounding recessives.)
breeds happen in the first place with cats a lot of the time because someone likes a natural look and then refines it. so a lot of the time you'll find a moggie who's a ringer for a purebred-like jadyn. her brother is a ringer for a lilac havana, but those aren't as generally known so most people flash on russian blue with him.

yes, this is fun. and i'm happy to find someone who sees it as just fun, and i hope people don't come cruising in and wee wee on our fun, telling us we are contributing to the death of a thousand shelter cats a day because we find this subject the least bit interesting...i just find cats interesting, as well as genetics. so there. the cat i must admit is closest to me is kaya, an inbred orange tabby with OCD. not even inbred to achieve anything grand, the hoarder just let everything be all in the family. so my kaya kat is a very common mix of cat indeed...genetically speaking. but she is not common kitty. and despite my fascination, jadyn and wes are rescues-they were born under my house.
so google havana brown, see if that works for Nyx...let's just play with it.


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Actually if you look for "exotic" on Petfinder, you won't see many actual Exotic shorthairs, but you will see several colors like black smoke that I guess people think are 'exotic" looking. This coloring isn't that common anyway, but unless someone is specifically breeding for it, the trait is just as common in mixes as it is in purebreds.


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Well little Nyxi's spayed, other than getting her health up to snuff it was on the top of the list wink So Nyxi won't be exploited due to her colouring or anything else for that matter.

Just after my reading I thought it might somehow give me a better chance of possibly identifying if at all, a breed that she had in her. It could also possibly help if it turns out her sneezing issues are not virus/bacteria/parasite etc related, rather perhaps structual issues (a vet tech friend mentioned she's seen many Siamese cats with nasal/esophagaus issues).


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I'm still stuck back there with the black smoke question--it's sort of complicated. Fast forward to the breed question--your ears are a bit unusual (very large and straight) for a moggy. On the other hand, you have tabby markings. If there's Siamese in you, it's pretty well mixed into the rest of your genetic soup. I had a brother and sister duo (Japanese moggies) who may or may not have had different fathers--the female was a typical slender calico, and the male was black with fluffy fur. But both were extremely talkative, and had those strident Siamese voices. I always suspected that the boy was part Persian and that both of them had Siamese genes lurking in their past. As for you, though, although you do seem like a mix of something, I can't venture a guess as to what. I can almost guarantee that you're not part Maine Coon, however!

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Hi Nix, can't say what you might be, but our meowmy thinks you are cute. My brother Louis and I are both black cats, but I am small and sleek and he is big and fluffy. We were left outside of a 24-7 Vet Clinc when we were two weeks old, so no info on our parents.

Love your leopard jacket...very fashionable.

Emma Barrett and Louis Armstrong


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Leila, it's funny because I have even, very off-handedly considered something like Main Coone because Nyxi has this very unsually thick, fluffy tail for the rest of her body. Of course, probably, she isn't Main Coone, but it's funny that her tail is thicker than Ira her 15lb partner in crime.

I guess that's what happens with mixed breeds as all breeds somewhere, are related, you see little bits and pieces of everything there is to see, somewhere, somehow. smile