I'm going to have a last try......please help, maybe?


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Are there any catsters out there who are into publishing?

This is really a 'Custer's Last Stand'.....but I must try once more......I have a manuscript that I want (NEED)to get published.....it is the story of my cat's life, his last month, on the 'Olde Furt's Breakfast Club'....(the members of the Breakfast Club sent me the manuscript of his stories, with love, and as a memorial to him)......

It is really funny, sad, joyful and heart-wrenching......I MUST TRY to get it published.......

I have written to many publishers, here and in America, but they all want money, which I do not have....at present I am in touch with the PDSA in England.....not holding out much hope, however......

Oh, I don't know......I have nearly lost hope.......I don't want any money for it.....I just want cat-people everywhere to experience and enjoy Grandad's stories......

I don't expect anything....but I'm still a little bit hopeful.....

Many thanks

Jan (and West furry family)

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This is Delyte and his person. Jan sent us the mss and it is wonderfully funny! Certainly explains a lot about Grandfather Conrad and his nicknames. The one thing it does need is illustrations, since most of the action is Grandfather's adventures, and you need to see them as well as read them. Plus cat people love cat drawings and pictures and it would make the stories really valuable. It's a shame the late Edward Gorey is not around--he would have been perfect to illustrate these, as he knew very well that cats were not sweet little furry angels. I can't think of any illustrator who would do justice to this, but maybe some of the rest of you can. Jan really needs an agent who will stand up for her to the publishers and get them to do the stories in a format that will appeal to cat people and to people who will appreciate Grandfather C's unique personality. He is not your usual cat hero, that's for sure!

Let's all get behind our Jan and our Grandfather Conrad and get them introduced to the world! I wish the people on Catster would give some help here, but I think that with their constant censorship of posts, they are not the ones to appreciate and promote Conrad's unique traits. But having a book of one of the Catster's exploits would certainly bring in readers and isn't that what they want? [Sometimes I am not sure what they want!]

Is anyone on a list where there might be illustrators or people with contacts to publishers? Giant purrs from all of us in support of Jan and the shade of Grandfather Conrad, who will go ride with the hunt soon!

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have you considered publishing in epub? an online book? it might frazzle you, but it might cost no more than the maintenance of a website...or hey, start it as a website. i dunno. just throwing out thoughts.