Fine Art Pet Portraits


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Purred: Thu Aug 19, '10 5:18pm PST 
Hi everyone! I just wanted to share my artwork with all my catster pals! My main subject is animals, of course. I have a small business doing fine art pet portraits. A portion of my profits go to local shelters.

Feel free to check out my links. I always love seeing new faces on my fan page and chatting about animals in general.

Also! For a limited time if you are interested in a portrait you will save 10% from being from Catster. Sadly I tend to get more dog commissions then cats so I'd love to broaden my cat portrait work smile


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RADDY (my- heart's- darling)

I am still my- Meouwmy's- Beloved....
Purred: Fri Aug 20, '10 8:10am PST 
Dear Jasper and Jasper's Meouwmy.........

I just looked Jasper up on his cat page.....so beautiful.......so BLACK......just like my heart's darling, Raddy, who went to the Summerlands last year.........

But it FREAKED ME OUT that your vet gave him amytriptiline......eeeekkkkkk!!!! I take that (but I am loopy).....I DO NOT believe that a little black cat would need that.....doesn't seem right at all........

But you stopped giving it to him anyway, I read....so that seems good.....

Hope he stops peeing where he should not......(Conrad NEVER stopped peeing where he should not).......but I loved him SO MUCH.....'evil pee-er' as he was......

I think it is lovely that you have a business doing pet portraits......may you continue for a long time.....and make lots of money......

Jan (and Grandad Conrad (Raddy))


A little nut of- caffeinated- goodness
Purred: Sat Aug 21, '10 7:41am PST 
Hi Jan,

I'm so sorry about Raddy but black cats are the best cats! smile

Jasper has been doing much, much better with his peeing. He is on prescription food which keeps the crystals at bay, and he has his favorite litter brand, so there have been less and less pee instances.

Thanks for the kind words!