trapping feral mom cat and her 4 kittens


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this was a long process with mom escaping on us once-we were able to get the kittens and two are being adopted out-this past Friday i was able to trap mom-she was spayed on Sat.and had her in my shed to recover-then on Sunday one of the kittens were being picked up for adoption as we went down the stairs the tray in cage slid and kitten go loose -he went towards by backyard and that is where they normally all were -so i put out a kitten trap and some food and his litter box to see if he would come back -he did and was able to trap him again-the strange part of this story is that the mom cat was in her trap recovering since Saturday afternoon- had fed her and gave her water -and checked on her again Sunday and did the same with water and food -trap was closed and we double checked the locks.
Sunday night when her kitten go loose we went to look in on her and my kids said she isnt in her trap-she is gray it was dark so we got a flashlight and she wasnt there!I know she got herslef free knowing her baby was out there dont know how she did it,but that night when we caught the kitten she was in the bushes watching us-so they had been together -hated to take it away from her again she is a good mom but they are now almost 10 weeks old and i know it is for the best

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Wow.....sounds like you had a real adventure. Thank heavens you got the mom spayed, so even if she did escape she cannot have more kittens. It is difficult with some ferals, they are just 'wild" and cannot be made into pets. Bless you for all that you did for this family.

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