Any help for the pain of loss that will not go away?

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kaya skye

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there ARE reputable 'self-publishers' out there. they exist so that people with a powerful dream can share it. having said that, these folk don't sound reputable.

wish i'd been paying more attention, and had noticed that a vanity press had contacted you. that's a red flag for a con. that doesn't mean they don't see potential in your work-ironically, they probably do. but do NOT go with them, because their sort is cynical and jaded, style over substance sort--they see a story they can spin, and they're valuing that more than the story you are telling.

but i don't know what that is, because i don't know what you've told them-i just know how they work. their hook with me was my age-a friend of my mother's sent something of mine off when i was a kid and i was hounded by them for years-until my age was no longer remarkable. the hook in my case was simply that i was eleven. (and guess what-the story was about a cat!kitty my very first, when i was five, was about a kangaroo...we have no kangaroo emoticon, will snoopy do?snoopy )

they play the author, and not just to get their investment-they're selling the author to people. so it's not just your work they think they can sell, jan-it's you. and you really don't want to go there. or i dunno, maybe you would. but i don't think so. do some research into subsidized press-there are some good ones. it's a valid shortcut to getting published-but i don't think this company is trustworthy.


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Dear Delyte and Shelley and Kaya Skye and Terri......thank you so much for your posts......

I have given up on 'Dorrance Publishing' (that is what they called themselves).......I will try some more.....I'll go to the Library and see what I can find.....also I have the name of a self-publishing house in England that the father of a work-friend of mine used to publish his book......I will keep trying......but it is hard because I am not at all sure that 'The Grandad Conrad Manuscript' is REALLY publishable.......(NO.....I AM SURE.....IT IS)......

I WILL keep trying......thank you for your thoughts.....


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