on keeping fish alive around 3 ferocious feline freda-er, predators...

kaya skye

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Purred: Sat Jun 26, '10 8:48pm PST 
my health is improving-vitamin d levels going up, sed rates going down, oxygen concentration staying steady. now i begin to have an interest in life, and i'm moving from brink of death thoughts to engaging with life-may not increase my life span, but, it might. and why not enjoy it?
so i'm looking at two purchases with an eye to enhancing my life...well, sort of 3, but two categories. a folding manual treadmill and pedometer-i can't go outside and walk for long distances, it would fry my lungs. but i can hop on a folding treadmill anywhere in the house anytime of day or night. the pedometer is obvious. and...a fish tank.

the fish tank would go in my room, once we get it arranged-which means getting it a bit more fit for me to sleep in, which involves possibly putting a HEPA filter in that air vent...whatever, it'll happen. and i want some happy fish in my happy room. to reward me for getting it arranged and organized and making all the calls and such that i'll have to make. i want fish that i can watch while i walk on the treadmill that i will also purchase for my room-though i'll also use the treadmill in the den, i also see myself walking on the treadmill in front of my happy fish.

but we already have 3 happy cats. i need ideas from people on how to avoid feeding happy fish to happy cats-i'm certainly not shutting them out of my room, and i think you've probably gathered i don't exactly move like a bolt of lightning. attached to oxygen tubing because of pulmonary fibrosis due to...gee, we don't really know, sorry. hemiparesis, due to same. but i'm only forty, so hey, girls just want to have fun, even if we do have to sort of lower the bar.

and i've lowered the bar to the point that the goal for me is a room i can move well in with my difficulties and walk at my speed on the treadmill i'm saving for with my pedometer listening to music and watching my happy fish and watching my happy cats watch my happy fish...being happy and hopefully getting healthier.
do you see my happy little scene? can you help me pick happy pretty fish and the right kind of tank?hamster dancehamster dancehamster dance