So proud to be slightly less stupid than I thought I was........


No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
Purred: Sun Jun 13, '10 5:42am PST 

Yeah?....So?...you say.....So What?

Dear People and Pussycats....you do not know.....I am (almost) old now, and very aware of it, and am suffering from 'not knowing' stuff, 'forgetting' stuff, 'being afraid' of stuff.....in a word, from lack of confidence.......

Please understand....it is very horrible (besides the fact that my sight is not good now, nor my hearing).......BUT I tried, on my own, on my very own, to put some new piccies on the home pages of the furry family.......AND I SUCCEEDED.....

I am still in the midst of doing it (and enjoying myself thoroughly)...and it has cheered me up amazingly......

Have a look at our home pages......you will see a different side to us all.......SO EXCITING....



Best Wishes to all

Jan and the beautiful furry family.....(Have a look)


No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
Purred: Tue Jun 15, '10 9:31am PST 
Am I the only OLD member of Catsters?.....or perhaps everyone else is growing old more gracefully (and less quickly) than me?

Anyway.....have a look at our piccies.....I AM proud that I got them there on my own.....

Best wishes to all hamster dance


ps. I CANNOT imagine why I put a hamster on the post...!!!......definitely going ga-ga...!!!1

Maggie and- Thomas - ILM

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Jan: Don't feel bad. I tell people I am so old I learned to type on a manual typewriter and remember using carbon paper and mimeograph machines!!

Going right now to look at your family's pages.


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I also learned to type on a manual Remington and remember using carbon paper and "Onion Skin" paper for carbons. When I learned, there was no such thing as White Out or correction fluid.laugh out loudlaugh out loud

Pete- Fountain

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Yes, "onion skin paper", and remember trying to erase on that confounded stuff and trying NOT to tear the paper?? When I fist got an electric typewriter I thought that was progress, then came the IBM Correcting Selectrics...we though that was high tech....LOL..LOL..

So you must remember a liquid called "Dr. Scat"...in a brown bottle with an orange label, it has a picture of a black cat on it. This had a little applicator (looked like a tiny sponge), and it was used to clean the keys of typewriters. Worked fine, but the odor was enough to knock you out.....if you worked in a really old building, you ran over to open a window.

Computers can be a pain, but when you are old enought to remember what came before, you LOVE a computer. Especially when you are working on a LONG document, and can check for spelling and grammar errors without retyping the entire thing.


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No, No, No......!!! This is not good enough.....!!! Perhaps we ought to do 'truth or dare'........: I dare you to tell us: how old you are/feel?/ how frightened of being old you feel?/ how fat you are getting?/ how frightened of being fat you are getting?/how much being old pisses you off?/ how much you pretend it is not happening?.....etc....etc......

Don't worry......no need to tell us anything......no need.......

I am trying to come to terms with growing old and 'ga-ga', but it is not easy.....any thoughts or new understandings on the subject would be welcome.....or even, more about the dreaded 'manual typewriter'........

Here comes that Hamster again.......!!!! hamster dance Ga-ga? Yes...........



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Faye.....I've got Tambi's bridesmaid piccie on her page....!!! I was ACTUALLY able to do it....!!! hope you don't mind that I have shown it early.......it is not the same as showing the bride early, is it?

I LOVE her piccie.....dear little Tambi....so pretty......hope Lord Peter thinks so, too........

I THINK Colin will be bringing Miss Kisu to the wedding, but I am not sure......he loves her dearly, but cannot expect anything from her.....so sad for him, as he is a dear, good, gentle mancat........but girlycats have to make their own way nowadays, he understands that......

Miss Lillie will bring some mousepies......I wonder if there are any gentlemencats out there who might like to take Miss Lillie out?.....she is very beautiful, although quite old, and very jolly and funny and loving.......don't know.....

Anyway.....if you want me to take the piccie of Tambi off until the day, I will do so.....I am just so pround of myself that I actually got it on there....



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Miss Faye, Miss Faye......may I bring some Marmite to the wedding? It is nearly time to commemorate the Grandad......I cannot enjoy myself at the 'do' without bringing a memory of HIM...will that be alright?

I SO LOVE my beautiful green dress......OOOhhh, will Lord Peter like it? I SSSOOOOOOOO hope he will......

Looking forward to the day.......

yours respectfully


kaya skye

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i'm only forty but i have some experience with onion skin as well as the copy paper with the purple inner layer that either made you high or gave you a headache when it was fresh and you were dumb enough to sniff it. my parents were teachers, the school district was poor, our materials were old. took us forever to even get a dot matrix.

learned to type on electric typewriters in school, but at home i had a manual remington that dated back to my mother's undergrad days. heavy illegitimate child, you could have easily fractured someone's skull with it if it hit them at a bad angle-and it didn't have many good angles. but i loved that typewriter. it was the first instrument to allow me to capture more than a fraction of the endless ebb, flow and errant erratic errata that was my train of thought.

Emma Barrett

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Jan: I answered your paw mail as well, and do keep the dress as Tambi's main photo if you like. She is beautiful, and that is just as I imagined her to look.

Hey, I am 61 years old, and no computer expert. If it were not for Aggie and Maggie's mom, Maria, the bride and bridesmaids as well as the groom and his attendents would be wearing their own fur. Wait until you see the setting for the wedding....too beautiful.

I am thinking of someone to escort Auntie Miss Lillie...I am sure there is an older mancat who would be most delighted to be her companion for the day.

Tambi, of course you may bring Marmite, it will add another touch to the wedding. Lord Peter took one look at your photo, kissed the computer screen, and had to sit down and take a little Marmite to compose himself.

Emma and Faye