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Hi, I am Rusty and new to this site. I don't know what to do. My Mom found out recently that a very nice lady she knew a long time ago from a different vet that Mom worked for has lost her home, her husband left her and she is living in her car with her 5 cats. Mom is so upset and doesn't know what to do. Mom gave her a bunch of the green paper to try to help, but it didn't. The lady is in her 60's and has never been alone. Mostly Mom is afraid for the cats because they are in cages in the car all the time. Mom doesnt want thecats PTS but does not know what to do. Mom thinks the lady is not able to care for them anymore. I know I would be sad to live in a car (whatever a car is). Thank you for any advice you might have for Mom Thank you. I have to go the evil kitten is eating my food.

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This is Delyte. That is such a sad story. We looked at your page but couldn't find out where you are or where the lady might be. If you are in an urban area, there might be shelters who would take the kitties until the lady finds and new home, and places to help her find a new home. If you live in a rural area like we do, there is not much available. Most shelters would take the kitties but they would not let the lady have them back, and most human shelters won't take even one kitty. Actually one of the best bets would be for your person to contact a local newspaper and see if they wanted to do a story on the lady. Usually when something like that appears, offers of help, the green paper, and even leads on a place to live can come forward. The lady also needs to try to contact whatever human welfare is available in the area.

You have to be careful, though. Some people would find the lady, take her kitties, take her car and not help her, so she has to be careful that publicity does not bring that on her.

Sadly, there are a lot of people in this situation lately. Our person, who lives in a tiny place with two cats more than is legal, gets all wet in the eyes when she hears about these things, and then she sometimes throws things around and yells loudly about different things. We don't know why the plants outside are involved, but sometimes she yells at "bush."

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Try to contact local social service agencies in your area. The following are some located here in the New Orleans area to give you an idea: American Red Cross, Associated Catholic Charities, Families helping Families, Family Service of Greater New Orleans, Jefferson Parish (we have parishes instead of counties) Human Services Authority, Lutheran Social Services, Salvation Army, Volunteers of America. Hope this is of some help.....it makes us angry also that people have to live this way. These were all listed in the Yellow Pages under "Social Service Agencies"

Bless you for wanting to help this lady.......please keep us posted.

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