meowmy scared me today


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Purred: Mon Mar 15, '10 7:21pm PST 
I was using the litter box to do my businuss, i had just sat down in the litter box and was in middle going to bathroom. I knew meowmy was right by the litter box cause i saw her there. Meowmy noticed that the hood of litter box of had started to come out of its latches. I didnt notice that meowmy had her hands on the hood to put it back into place as i was busy going to the bathroom. As soon as she started to move back into place i got scared out of my mind and ran out of the litter box into the other room. I didnt even finish going to the bathroom. meowmy is evil she scared me. shock shock

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Purred: Tue Mar 16, '10 11:56pm PST 
Oh Nellie! That must have given you a real fright!