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I'm da christmas- kitty!!
Purred: Mon Jan 25, '10 10:22am PST 
meow meow everyone whats up?kitty


Whatever it is,- I can break it!
Purred: Mon Jan 25, '10 10:09pm PST 
It's Fluff. Looks lilke your tummy is up right now! smile I like to lay like that, and then my person rubs my huge tummy and calls me bunny belly. Not much happening here, except lots of birds coming to the feeder and also a big raccoon, bigger than me, coming every night to raid the feeder. Since it is right by the window and the lights are on, he is a pretty brave coon. Our person went out to shoo him away and he just sat there and munched sunflower seeds and acted like what's the big deal.

Meow! wave

Fuifui- Moimoi

Purred: Mon Jan 25, '10 10:24pm PST 
I like to lay down with my tummy in the air, too. It is summer, and it helps my get the cool breezes through my belly furssmile


I'm da christmas- kitty!!
Purred: Thu Jan 28, '10 7:55am PST 
im always spreading words but very rarely do i get them back in return keep replying


I may meow to- you if you're- worthy
Purred: Thu Jan 28, '10 5:11pm PST 
Hi - we're just trying to stay warm! cold in Chicago!!! found a new spot in Mom's closet to sleep in.

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Thu Jan 28, '10 6:41pm PST 
Nobody touches my tummy ... well, Mom does sometimes, but only 'cause I let her!


master Roo
Purred: Tue Feb 2, '10 7:59pm PST 
i like to lay upside down so my mom can scratch my chin. oh it feels sooo good. its raining today and i am going to lay upside down and watch the rain run down the big door.
nice talking to you



Purred: Tue Feb 2, '10 8:06pm PST 
guess what my mom used to live on Chicago. not me iam a real live Northwest cat .i live inthe country . big cities scare me. kitty