why people tell me i should give up my cats


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i dont have alot of money and i have three cats. I try to take to care of them as best i can afford too. I try to feed the best healthy food as my budgt allows me too. I even take them vet for their vacs and exams, even now im looking for a new low cost one cause my cats current vet got to expsensive. i dont let my cats suffer if they get ill or make excuses. One time i used money that was supposed to be used for food for me to take my one of cats to the vets after came down with severe diaherra. So i dont know why i keep getting told i should give them up when im taking care of them as the best i can even though im on a budget.

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Pete- Fountain

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If you are able to feed and care for you cats it is nobody's business to tell you to give them up. We all understand how much our furbabies mean to us, and can understand your concern.

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I wonder who told you that. Was it someone on the Catster Answers Board or one of the Forums? Some Catsters can get a bit hot under the collar when they get questions from people who say they can't afford to take care of their cats. As long as you are providing your cats with food, water, and vet care (not to mention love), no one should criticize you. But those of us who frequent the Answers Board are often astounded at people who post messages about their cat being seriously ill or injured, yet say they can't afford a vet. If your budget allows for three cats, that's fine. I'm currently supporting 17, and basically spending on them what a working parent would spend on their children.

This fall I was put on sick leave from my job. One of my co-workers wanted me to be hospitalized. I objected that I had to take care of my cats, and she told me to get rid of them (of course I didn't). Some people just don't understand.

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Don't think none of it. This is a thin ice kinda topic and their is a thin line. Like some people may consider Leila a crazy cat lady maybe even a hoarder. Its in peoples nature to judge its how we survive, judgement is how we tell difference between apples and oranges I don't see any difference with people unless you try to compare them to each other.

You see Leila maybe able to afford 17 cats as I can only support one cat with my budget. Look I applaud those who take good care of their cats. Though I do try to state that no matter how well you take care of your cats if you are making cuts on your budget for your care then you may not be doing yourselves a favor if something were to happen and you couldn't handle the budget, but tons of people do get large hospital bills from accidents and some things just can't be helped.

Its so strange some one would tell you to get rid of your cats, its sounds as if the person perceives them as disposable, though I may be wrong.

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people dont understand. when i had to move out of my last apartment, i was having a hard time finding a pet freindly one i could afford. of course, people just said oh get rid of your cats and move in with a roomate.

i didnt.

just because you have money, dosnt mean your a good owner. i know alot of people who can afford vet care but dont becayse they needed a new car, trip, or shoes, or whatever else.

as long as you know your doing the right thing, tell the others to go away.


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I'm not a cat hoarder, although I may look like one. I'm a breeder, and 9 of my cats are kittens who are looking for new homes. Two of my cats are neutered males I got before becoming a breeder, and they are my sweethearts, who I would never give up. Four of my cats are intact females, and one an intact male, for breeding purposes. The eighth cat is a kitten with a heart ailment--he can't be sold, so he is going to stay with me. I don't have to support a spouse or human children, so I have money for my cats. But food and litter expenses, along with regular vet visits, do add up.

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I totally agree with Miss Tiny about money not making someone a good owner. A dog came in for a dental at the clinic I work in the other day. It was groomed beautifully, had a gorgeous rhinestone collar and tag, was carried in on an expensive bed with her own backpack with three outfits (?!?), bottles of filtered water and toys, and had a mouth so revolting that the vet struggled not to be sick. The owners just "hadn't got around" to having a dental done. It hurt the dog to touch her on the face, her mouth was in such a bad state. I don't know what the owners were waiting for.

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I agree with everyone. I may have too many cats but I can take care of all them. I may not have all the money in the world and some months may be harder than some but I make sure I do for my cats before I do for myself, if that means I do without.

my parents have a Husky, she is our childhood dog. She is SPOILED ROTTEN and you can tell she is loved. For the longest time her breath smelled horrible, the way you described the other dog kinda. My parents never took our dog to the vet until the last minute because they were afraid of what the Vet would say because our girl is 16 years old. They finally took her to the vet when a tooth was infected and they found out she had a cancerous tumor in her mouth. But my parents we're scared to death to take her because she was so old even though yearly check ups are the best and would have prevented it i think and a good teeth cleaning every few months.

they ended up spending over 10 grand in radiation and kemo to save her and after treatment she was back to her old self. it's been exactly a year since the treatment and she is finally to the age where it just may be her time to go, but the extra year with her was worth every penny and I would probably do the same for my cats even if it made me go into debt.

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sometimes, i think that we let other peoples comments bother us because we have our doubts if we are good owners or not.

All i know is, i know in my heart i spend all i can on my cats. I know they are happy, and fed the best i can do. When there health suffers, i eaither get help or find ways to cut down on my own expensies to care for them.

I remind myself that the differnce between a 'rescue' and a 'horder' is the abilty to say "NO"

I saw a beautiful calico cat with blue eyes i wanted so badly to adopt. but i have many foster cats allready, and had to say no. She was at a no-kill shelter, so i had to be a bigger person and walk away.