A happy ending for our cat alexis


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Purred: Mon Dec 28, '09 8:38pm PST 
A while go our seven month old kitten alexis got lost when she got outside. I called my boyfriend at work to still him alexis went missing and i couldnt find her anywhere. He said he would get home as soon as he can to help me look for her. So i scearched for her inside our aparment and outside and still couldnt find her. When my boyfriend got home we both looked for her inside the house and outside. We still couldnt find her even after bringing out her favoirte toys and food. So we decided to look for her in the morning. Nellie our other cat was upset that alexis was missing she kept searching for her. She felt something wrong and that alexis was missing. She wouldnt eat food. So in the morning we looked for alexis some more and still didnt find her. So my boyfriend went to work and i went with him. When we got home we looked for her some more bringing out her favorite toys and some food. We found her six apartments down us and she was making her way back home or at least trying to. We picked her up and brought her home and we fed her food since she was hungry. She was out there overnight.

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This is Delyte. Good for you, Alexis! You should always try to come home after you run outside for a little fling. You can bet they are going to keep a close eye on you from now on. I haven't been able to escape in nearly 5 years since the big break! Relax and enjoy your nice home for a while! wave


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I know the frustrated heartbreak that comes when a cat gets lost--she was my first cat, and she never came home again. I'm very happy for you--you must be very relieved. One question: is Alexis spayed? Because if not, and she was outside during that time, you'll probably have a litter of kittens in two months or so. Fun! I'm assuming she's spayed, but if not, spaying will make her less eager to wander.