Cats and Plastic Bags?


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Purred: Thu Jun 4, '09 9:07pm PST 
Does anyone have a cat that's obsessed with plastic bags?

Sata is addicted to them. They are like drugs to her. She initially only licked them when she was a kitten but now, we have to make sure ALL plastic bags are no where she can find them otherwise we find that she will literally EAT pieces of them.

She normally throws it up or it eventually comes out, but I know it's not good for her. I just wondered if anyone else has a cat that has an addiction to plastic...


Stella- Felinis--Queen- of All Kitties!
Purred: Sun Jun 7, '09 9:47am PST 
It's Stella. I LOVE plastic bags, especially the ones that are crinkly. If there is one, I have to lay on it and then get inside and claw at it from there. I've been like this since I came inside from being a feral kitten. I never eat them, though. My favorite is the large size bags that come from Barnes & Noble--they make the best noise.

They say we are not supposed to play with plastic bags and that they are a suffocation hazard. Since we got the kittens I haven't been able to have very many bags, because our person doesn't trust them not to suffocate. But once in a while I get to play in one, and they put me in the bag and swing me around and tickle me through the bag and I purr madly.

Purrs! wave