Who Loves To Play With Pipe Cleaners?


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Hi Everyone!wave

Well some of you know my favorite toys are pipe cleaners! Don't get me wrong. I love catnip toys too! But ever since I have been little.... I've had hours of joy playing with these little suckers!

Now I just learned that Pharoah Loki is obsessed with these things too! Can you believe it!cheer

So we are looking for all the kitties who love to play with them or give them as gifts! Pharoah Loki even started a group called "For The Love Of Pipe Cleaners" and we are looking for kitties to join! So, if you love pipe cleaners or just like to play with them, let us know! Maybe you'd enjoy sharing your love for them with those of us who love them too!

Also, if you know of any kitties who love them, please let us know!

Have a Pawsome day!
Your Friend,

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My friend Toulouse!
I was wondering if any other cat loved pipe cleaners as much as I do, and then we found Toulouse loves them too! And he likes to dunk them in water and leave them in food dishes! Me Too!
I love all types..I seem to find neon colors to my liking this week.I was into autumn colors for awhile. Plus I do like those glittery ones as well...
So please join my friend and I over at our group For The Love Of Pipe Cleaners.
You are not alone.

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I LOVE giving pipecleaner gifts to a very handsome, blue-eyed Siamese who is posting in this thread. cloud 9