Cats love the scent of camomile tea!!


Queen of the- house
Purred: Thu Apr 23, '09 7:45pm PST 
Everyone may already know this.. but we go crazy for camomile/chamomile tea.

My mum just threw the empty paper tea box into the recycling basket and Igot it out and started pushing my face into it and rolling around on it..

As something for a bit of fun.. Sew some tea into a sock and watch us go crazy with it!


Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Thu Apr 23, '09 7:50pm PST 
Our purrson says that to her, tea smells like catnip! shock wink

Nuk Anuk

Couching Tiger
Purred: Thu Apr 23, '09 9:53pm PST 
Not just Chamomile (which is in the Ragweed family of plants while Catnip is in the mint family)

But Valerian tea some cats seem attracted to also


Wild thing u- make my heart- sing ♥
Purred: Sun Apr 26, '09 8:53pm PST 
Yup yup, Quetzal goes nuts whenever I have chamomile tea. My favorite tea is called "Tension Tamer" and has both chamomile AND catnip in it, and he will roll on his back purring and kneading the air whenever I drink it. big laugh