Coat pattern?


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This is perhaps a silly question, but it's been bothering my mom for 14 years:

What type of tabby pattern is this?
http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb253/vwarcraftpics/Nerys. jpg

That's Nerys, a cat I share the house with. Mom knows a decent amount about cat patterns, but she's never been able to figure out what's up with Nerys's. Here's me and another cat, both of us mackerels:
http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb253/vwarcraftpics/M ackeral.jpg

And Nerys has a brother that's definately a classic tabby (couldn't find a picture of him, but here's one that looks very similar):
http://www.dkimages.com/discover/previews/858/15007544.JP G

Mom also knows about the marbled pattern (bengal breed only, I believe), spotted, and agouti. Nerys's fur is highly ticked, but she's obviously got a pattern there, so it's not pure agouti. As far as she knows, cat genetics don't allow tabby patterns to be 'mixed' (i.e. mackerel is genetically Tt or TT, classic is tt, and spotted is a modifier on either that breaks up the stripes into spots), but that's kinda what Nerys's looks like. Perhaps its a classic with unusually heavy ticking?

Oh, by the way, Nerys was born a barn kitty in England, so it's highly doubtful that she has any bengal in her.

Can any cat coat experts out there lend some insight?


EDIT: It appears that the forum breaks up those web links--just delete the spaces and they'll take you right to photo bucket.

EDIT #2: The reason mom thinks it might not be a plain classic pattern is that Nerys's stripes aren't very defined, and there's no clear whorl on her sides, at least not one that's anywhere near as strong as her brother's. It's a bit difficult to pick out in the pictures, but the pattern on her sides is almost random.

EDIT #3: I hope this is the right forum for this post--I didn't see a generic 'cat questions' category, and this seemed like it might be a grab bag of odds n' ends smile

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Tabby Patterns

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Hehe smile

Well, after looking at the pictures in more detail, mom has come to the conclusion that Nerys -is- a classic tabby, just with an unusual degree of ticking, and the ticking gets stronger as you move from her back down towards her tummy. There does appear to be the classic whorl/bullseye on her sides, but the bottom edge is so fuzzed out by ticking and her fluffy fur that it's hard to see. (Ironically, when she's curled up like in some of the photos, it bends her stronger stripes so that they sorta form a fake bullseye--they straighten back out when she stands up.)

Well, I guess that solves that mystery, though mom wouldn't mind additional comments if she's wrong. Personally, I'm just glad there's a bullseye after all: gives me something to aim for when I pounce on her!

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