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So.........what happened? Does he have a new home? big grin big grin

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Alas...the nice couple who came to see him liked Eliot and Byerly better...Leverett was in a bad mood because he's been caged for the past week (with Eliot) so that he doesn't get the girls in the family way. All I can say is that ALL of my kittens are both healthy and sane--I have to keep my four permanent resident cats, but anyone who gets one of my kittens is going to feel gifted. That was my major goal when I bred them.


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Sigh........ I was hoping they would take him, so I don't keep figuring out
how to get him. thinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinking

How old are the kittens? big grin Aren't they like only 4 months old? I am not
an expert, but I wouldn't worry until they are 5 months. Cowboy and
Cruiser didn't act like "little boys" until the tail end of 5 months. big grin

Do you have any other options? I know what happens, when they are kept
in cages too much. If ya don't have any other options, then thats what you
have to do. Took me awhile, to figure out, why 3 seperate kittens, of
different age groups, from the same person, were "grouchy" by their
3rd show. big grin

Gonna have to start the "Set Leverett Free " Group, mol, mol, mol. Ya know
I am only funnin with ya. wavewavewavewavewavewavewavewavewavewavewavewavewavewavewavewave