Fake Cats? Huh?

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George,- Mary & Willy- Darcy

In Residence at- Pemberly
Purred: Fri Sep 28, '12 7:21am PST 
Glad you all had such a good time at the Cat Show. Yes, we are looking forward to a photo of BooBoo, Jr. and welcome her to "Fake Cats". By the way, Boris and Gracie's mom is on Facebook, and the "baby" Giada is growing so fast!!! She is precious. Seems like just last month we were waiting to welcome our first furless "Fake Cat Niece".

The New Orleans Kitties

kaya skye

not fighting my- demons-we joined- forces
Purred: Thu Oct 11, '12 12:12pm PST 
hello, all. look at kaya's new profile pic! then look at her page and the second pic from the top! i just realized when i put that up...she's better. she's all the way back from whatever toxin she ingested that had her so sick last spring. it took a year and a half, but...it took seeing the pictures together on the page for me to see it. it's been so gradual.

i cried. i actually cried.

Al Hirt

A Jazzy New- Orleans Kitty
Purred: Mon Oct 15, '12 8:27am PST 
Sorry, tried to post this earlier. Kaya is looking GOOD!!! We understand why you cried, we know it made you feel great to see her looking so health and happy again.

The New Orleans Kitties and Auntie Fayecheerway to goapplauseapplausehail

Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Wed Nov 14, '12 10:36pm PST 
It's Shelley, Delyte's caregiver. He is getting closer to the Bridge, having lost interest in eating and being cuddled by me or by Queenie, and sleeping most of the time. He does wish to be remembered to all of his friends on Fake Cats, both here and on the Bridge. I guess he will be seeing some of the Bridge members shortly. Right now things are so bad that I wish I could go with him, but there are still the three remaining kitties who want their staff. Weak old purrs to all ... cat on moon

~Purrcy ~- Meohmy

Purred: Sat Nov 17, '12 2:25pm PST 
We are sorry to hear that Delyte is declining. Hugs to his family. It is so hard to lose a beloved family member, but we hope his passing is gentle for him.
With much love,
Purrcy's family

Marlin- Purrkins

Welcome to Wild- Kingdom!
Purred: Sat Nov 24, '12 4:16pm PST 
Claude and I attended our first show on 11/10 & 11/11. We were in a "Fun" ring for polys. It was an exhausting weekend but we did ok. I got 3rd both days and Claude got 5th and 6th. There were 8 cats in our ring! Mumma was very proud of us!


I'm cute and I- know how to use- that :)
Purred: Thu Nov 29, '12 12:57pm PST 
Hi Shelley,

we're sorry to hear about Delyte's health troubles. How are you doing, yourself? We remember that you were also having health troubles.

Emma Barrett

It\'s good to be- the Queen
Purred: Thu Nov 29, '12 1:40pm PST 
Yes, Shelley - how are you doing? Read about Delyte and his health problems in a Forum today. It is SO hard to see them get old....whatever happens, we are all here for you, and know how it hurts.

Hi Boris and Family....saw the last photo of Giadia, she is growing so fast, and is beautiful!!! Remember when all her "Fake Cat Aunties" were awaiting her arrival. Bet she is looking forward to Christmas this year.

The New Orleans Kitties and Auntie Fayewave

Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Sun Dec 2, '12 11:57am PST 
This is Delyte. Reports of my demise always seem to overstated--we must be using the same pollster as Romney. But I do have good days and bad days, and when it is cold I have bad days, so if we have a cold winter I might not make it. Right now the people on the Gulf have sent us several days of warm weather, so I am feeling perky. But I am still doing more vomiting than before, so we don't know what that is about.

My person, sad to say, is doing badly. She has very bad sciatica which the cold makes worse, and she can't seem to find a dr who knows what he is doing. She can hardly walk at all, which means she cannot go out and do things she needs to do or wants to do. But she does stay home with us most of the time, so I like that. She was supposed to have one of those shots in the spinal column to relieve her major pain, but we guess that is not going to happen now! She is afraid to have more knee surgery--the last time they treated her so badly and didn't provide pain relief--and she doesn't want to leave me for even a few days.

Purrs to all for thinking about us, and special purrs to Boris for Giada who is growing into a nice young lady. Hope she is good to her cats! cat on moon


go getter kitter
Purred: Fri Dec 21, '12 7:35pm PST 
I don't come here much anymore because y comp tends to get 'stuck' while on Catster for whatever resson. But Delyte,we hope you have more good days than bad, and that your human can get the ablation of her back nerve . I had 3, and it helped a LOT.

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