Fake Cats? Huh?

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Has been COTD!
Purred: Sat Mar 31, '12 9:34pm PST 
In buckets.

Miss- Elizabeth- Bennett

Looking for Mr.- Darcy
Purred: Sun Apr 1, '12 6:39pm PST 
We also miss the "Fake Cats" and the "Fake Cat Aunties". We're all fine down here in the New Orleans area. Weather is getting warmer.....flowers are blooming, and allergies are really bad, but the crawfish are in season and the price is dropping.. I'm looking forward to a short work week, our ofice is cloaed on Good Friday.

Any "Fake Cats" audition to be "The Cadbury Bunny"??? Saw a persian cat trying in a commercial.

The New Orleans Kitties


go getter kitter
Purred: Mon Apr 2, '12 5:15pm PST 
Oh Delyte...it's not Facebook that ate us, care little for it actually. But for some reason Catster acts up horribly on out regular browser and I have to use Firefox to see Catster, tho I really don't like it. Too many toolbars and junk that I don't know how to eliminate! All kitties here are good, I am still looking for work to no avail, have no idea what will happen on that line but at least own the home , hopefully won't end up in the dark. I'm making cat hammocks now as a new product--too many people making mats like mine! (But the Magic Mat IS self insulating, AND is cuter!) There is a show in a couple weeks so i will see how the hammocks sell. I wish I had good video of our Doodlebug 'enjoying' the hammock. I added 2 to the "bachelor pad' cage, and Doodle was in there to visit. Got up Friday, instead of kitty love I found Doodle upside down making the hammock swing crazily, and busting Ahab upside the head every time she passed as he sat watching and wondering what the heck was going on. Funny stuff, way better than TV if you ask me.

George,- Mary & Willy- Darcy

In Residence at- Pemberly
Purred: Tue Apr 3, '12 7:43am PST 
Pandora's Person: First, we will purr and pray for you to find a job (since we are Catholic Kitties we will send special prayers for you to St. Joseph, Patron of Workers). Job hunting is the pits, especially if you are over 30 (or more)....

And meowmy had a mental picture of the cat Doodlebug (LOVE THAT NAME) swinging the hammock around and hitting Ahab in the head. Trouble is, she had just taken a sip of coffee, and started chocking and laughing too. But she said she needed a laugh, that WOULD have made a great video. Good luck on the hamocks...do you have photos on any of your cats pages???

We are not fans of FACEBOOK either. I like to answer Forums that catch my eye, and the messages seem to be "connected"....of course in "Fake Cats" we seem to take PRIDE in "Disconnected" messages.

Take care,
Auntie Faye and The New Orleans Kitties

P.S. We look forward to the day you can make it to New Orleans and visit us.wavebig laughbig laugh

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Stella- Felinis--Queen- of All Kitties!
Purred: Sat Apr 14, '12 11:41am PST 
It's Stella. Purrs to all my "Fake Cats" friends on the occasion of my 6th birthday [more or less]. We had turkey yesterday and I hear there will be chicken today--my favorite, if only Delyte lets me have any. But we aren't having any sunshine, that's for sure. Thinking of you all ... wave

George,- Mary & Willy- Darcy

In Residence at- Pemberly
Purred: Mon Apr 16, '12 8:03am PST 
Happy Birthday Stella. Hope you had LOTS AND LOTS of chicken and turkey and cuddles from your human.

The New Orleans Kitties

kaya skye

not fighting my- demons-we joined- forces
Purred: Mon Apr 16, '12 7:46pm PST 
meditate i believe in PEACE dog meditate


The sweetest- little brat :)
Purred: Wed Apr 25, '12 10:42am PST 
Hi y'all! How is everyone?

We're doing okay over here. Had a muscle biopsy on Apr 9th --waiting for the results.

Marzipan and Leon are doing well --even though money is VERY tight, they still have not gone without the things they need (both are on good food), though I am sweating about how I'm going to get their shots taken care of this coming month.

Cecil Ray is still up for adoption at the Little Woman Home for Animals. Last I heard, he is doing okay. I miss him like crazy. It's been 2 years and I still cry when I think of him/when I see a long-haired black kitty.

Hope everyone is doing well. Hugs from Texas.

Louis- Armstrong - ILM

I'm walkin' to- New Orleans.....
Purred: Fri Apr 27, '12 8:54am PST 
To The "Fake Cat Aunties", it is with great sadness that I annouce that my loving cat Louis Armstrong went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. I went home and found him dead, in the patio. No evidence of trauma, etc. Whatever happened, it happened fast. It took him to the vets office this morning and they will take care of his body. Guess they needed a big, black sweet cat there at the Rainbow Bridge.

I have gotten so many sweet presnts, Paw Mails, etc from other CATSTERS, it sure helps that others understand how much it hurts....and Louie was only 6 years old.

Fly Free at the Bridge Louis Armstrong


headed for the- light.
Purred: Fri Apr 27, '12 6:05pm PST 
I needed Louis, to fly me around, lady cats don't walk even at the Bridge...Faye, I am very sad for you because I know hhe was special--we love them all, but some have something extra and I think Louis was one of them. rainbow
By the way, I have decided to keep a special little Bombay girl kitt, who will be BooBoo Jr. She has been telling me she is SPECIAL and is already sitting in the chair next to me about all the time, at 8 weeks old. There are also new little Bombay born to one of the WV recovered kitties as of last week...can one be Louis?

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