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Fake Cats? Huh?

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Pandora's Pride

got cute?
Purred: Tue Feb 28, '12 12:13pm PST 
Whole herd o purrs headed that way from the Burmese and Bombay Army!
Haven't posted here lately, have been very busy. Hope everyone is ok for the most part.


Stella- Felinis--Queen- of All Kitties!
Purred: Sat Mar 17, '12 11:54am PST 
It's Stella. Geez, we have a little nice weather and you all disappear for a month! shock

Despite the nice weather, we haven't been able to go out because our person is even more crippled up and she is afraid to take us out even on harness and leash. She isn't always able to sit at the computer either.

We are doing great though--we have caught three mice now, or at least I have. I am always the one who is seen with the actual corpus delecti, and I have been putting it out for our person to cheer her up. [Waking up to find a dead mouse placed in front of the toilet so you have to move it before you can go is very invigorating. wink ]

One of the reasons that we think there are so many mice inside, even though the weather has been wonderful, is that we have been colonized by a pack of coyotes. The neighbors next door like to cook outside on their gas grill at night, so it smells very yummy outside at night. They also have two little dogs and they like to leave them outside to take a walk on their own. Around 3 AM Friday morning, we heard their screen door open and the dogs ran outside barking. There immediately was a chorus of 8-9 eerie howls sounding from very close to us, including one right under the bedroom window. The dogs and coyotes kept it up for about ten minutes, and then the dogs went inside and the howling subsided. We have heard the coyotes outside yelping but never that close before. We've had coyotes for years--our person wonders if that is what happened to her old outside cat in 2000 and to my brother and sister in 2006. They are now so bad around here that they have been seen in daylight on the streets in town, and of course we live on the edge of a wildlife preserve. We've seen signs that there are beaver about a half a mile from here.

Once again, when you all get a chance, could you all purr really really hard for Jan and her male person, who had a horrible post-surgery setback and is very very bad. Jan is very frightened and depressed by all of this, and even though she probably doesn't have time to check in, she would hear our cosmic purrs from all over the world.

We hope Val and the kitties are all right after the recent Tokyo earthquake.

The big tornadoes of 2/29 went within miles of us--we all slept through it! On Monday our people went out for a drive into the national forest south of here and found areas where huge trees were uprooted and roads were closed where an EF2 went through around the same time the EF5 that crushed Harrisburg was going on. We are also purring for everyone and all the animals who lost their homes and some their lives. The weather is so unsettled that there is a chance of storms everyday these days. Monday is the anniversary of the Tri-state Tornado of 1925, so this is traditionally a bad time here. But those tornadoes have been everywhere lately.

Giant purrs to everyone from all of us! wave


go getter kitter
Purred: Sun Mar 18, '12 6:29pm PST 
We're purring 26-deep here! Meowma is VERY busy right now! There are only 2 big kittens (12 weeks) here now, and both are lined up for new homes, BUTbtthere are 3 week olds, 6 of 'em. Plus, Ahab is back temporarily party (we loves us some Ahab!) and Meowma had to go SAVE 4 Bombay kitties (plus TWO more she could not save and wants to whup the person invOlved)We see most of you sometimes on Facebook but don't like FB much, come back, please come back Fake Cats!
We REALLY wanted to go see the NO kitties this WE but the Bomber rescue ubplanned trip and delivering a planned Burmese to new home mADE IT IMPOSSIBLE, DRATTIT...

George,- Mary & Willy- Darcy

In Residence at- Pemberly
Purred: Mon Mar 19, '12 10:10am PST 
Stella: Glad you and your family are okay after the tornados. That can be sacry. You posted that your neighbor has two small dogs - there are coyotes all over the place and they let the dogs outdoors at 3:00 a.m???? These people must not really want to keep those dogs around do they??

Pandora, we are sorry you could not visit too, perhaps another time, and sounds like you are up to your knees in kitties!!! BLESS your mom for saving those little kittens, we know they will have the best of care and adopt good people. Another time, perhaps.....

The New Orleans Kitties

P.S. The author of this post is my latest Feline Family Member - visit his page to see how he adopted me.....
Val has been posting on Facebook,the recent earthquakes did not affect her. So has Jan - did not realize her husband had another setback. That is the problem with FACEBOOK. Here we post within this Forum, and can find messages and carry on conversations. We go on there occasionally, but it is not the same as posting on CATSTER. You can post to a certain person, but then it gets lost in other topics, etc. Boris and Gracie's mom has been posting on there, her Main Photo is one of her and Giada, our "Fake Cat Niece", who is getting so big!!!

cat on moon

George,- Mary & Willy- Darcy

In Residence at- Pemberly
Purred: Wed Mar 21, '12 6:46am PST 
Attention "Fake Cats" and "Fake Cat Aunties"....our own FLUFF, of the Delyte and the Grays Family, is CAT OF THE DAY!!!

Go to Fluff's page and leave him a present....we did!! This is a record, because on Monday my Bridge Babies Maggie and Thomas were Diary of the Day.

FAKE CATS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!

The New Orleans Kitties

Orange Ruffy

The Baboo Kitty- has Spoken!
Purred: Wed Mar 21, '12 7:10am PST 
Purring here.....


Whatever it is,- I can break it!
Purred: Wed Mar 21, '12 9:24am PST 
It's Fluff. I am so honored!!!!! If I knew I was in the running, my person would have posted a much better picture of me. That one is two years old and probably 7 pounds ago. I am massive now--but still sweet tempered and scared of almost everything. My person ompares me to Lenny, the character in "Of Mice and Men." It's a beautiful day here, hot and sunny, and I am basking in the sun on my favorite chair and my person will try to think of some treat I like. Extra petting and ear scratching seems to be the only thing.

This week at least, the Fake Cats rule Catster! big grin


Has been COTD!
Purred: Thu Mar 22, '12 4:13pm PST 
Concats Fluff! Well done!

shyloh paige

if it moves,- it's a toy
Purred: Fri Mar 23, '12 11:55am PST 
oh noes. where am i? has the Great Cat deserted me? my mommy did...cry

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Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Sat Mar 31, '12 10:34am PST 
This is Delyte. Shiloh, what is happening? Those of us who are not on Facebook feel lost without our "Fake Cats" and now it sounds like something terrible has happened in your house. Please let us know if you can. We miss our cat and people friends, and we are purring for you all!

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