Halloween Bash 07 Winners

♥ Domino ♥

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Grand Prize Winner

"Snow White" with Cali. Congratulations! How adorable in your Snow White dress & ribbon. Loved It!!

(2) Rosettes = (1) each from Rocky & Oobby

(2) Stars = (1) each from myself, Domino & Shay

(1) Catnip Sock from Maggie Moo

Thank you Donors & Congrats again!!!

Catagory Winners


First Place: Taz, (1) Star from Pooky, Treats from Pooky, (1) Rosette from Eddie

Second Place: Rocky Ann, a Rosette from Eddie

Third Place: Poppy, a Rosette from Eddie



First Place: Booger, a Star from Kitara, a Catnip Mat or Christmas Collar from Cali, a Rosette from Kitara

Second Place: Shay, a Rosette from Kitara

Third Place: Sparkman, a Rosette from Kitara



First Place: Captain Morgan, a Rosette from Eddie, a Cartoon photo from Dakota, a Star from myself, Domino

Second Place: Cutie, a Rosette from Linus

Third Place: Boots, a Rosette from Rocky



First Place: Min, a Rosette from Mr. Fez, a Star from myself, Domino and (1) Cartoon photo from Dakota.

Second Place: Mouse, a Rosette from Tibby

Third Place: Jingle Bell, a Rosette from Jubilee


Thank you all for your adorable entries!!! See you next year!!

Meows n Purrs xo

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Congrats to all the winners and thanks to the Pet Poetry Group for sponsoring this great contest every year!

dancingway to gocheercheerapplauseapplauseapplause

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Congrats to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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eek Thank you very much!!!! And catgratutations to all the other winners. applause Really...everykitty is a winner because we are all so cute and lucky enough to be catsters!!!

hail Thank you to the Pet Poetry Group for holding the contest.

hug Love, Rocky Ann


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OMC???? REALLY?!?!?! WOW!!!! Thank you for putting on this contest! What a fun way to celebrate Halloween with friends!! OMC!!

Concats to all the other winners too!!! This was so fun! Thank you!! OMC!!!


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OMC!!! shockcheer I am Honored and shocked!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!!

Concats to all of the kitties that won and participated!! Every kitty looked so adorable in their costumes!!! cheercheer

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Catgratulations winners! We are trying to find Shay, to give her her gifty, but when we put her information in, we get a............GASP............dog! Shay, if you read this, please post or p-mail me.