My Story


Purred: Tue Jun 21, '05 12:58am PST 
My Mum is truly obssessed with me and my sis Trim.
the proof- a web tv segment called A Day in the Life of A Cat.
Here is the link:


Fiend #2.
Purred: Wed Jun 22, '05 12:48am PST 
Movie-Cats!! Oh, Ibarra and Trim-- WE, my sister Selket and I -- just love your video!
Great camera work and presentation, but it's You Guys who are Really Great. Fun, and you are lucky kitties to have such adventures.

Meows & purrs to you!

Captain- Tinkles

World Domination- - AHOY!
Purred: Wed Jun 22, '05 3:35am PST 
Captain Tinkles has a story!! I don't have a video yet.. I shall. I do like your video idea. It will give me yet another way to reach out to the cats in this world and futher my plans for WORLD DOMINATION and LIBERATION!! Join with me and we shall be royalty!! We can make our own stories and ledgends... We will BE the ledgends!!

Mr. Linux

CEO (Cat- Executive- Officer)
Purred: Fri Jun 24, '05 2:06pm PST 
I love the video!!
It's absolutely amazing? You guys are a hit.
We have celebrities here!!!