Who shares my birthday ?


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Purred: Sat Jun 11, '05 2:51pm PST 
Today is my birthday and my humans are acting sooo nice to me . They even gave me some real fish !!! It wasn't much but that's OK. My dad tricked me by telling me that my asthma pill was my present. HHSSTTTT !! What did you get for your birthday ?


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Happy birthday, Lucky!!! That's so great that you know when your birthday is. smile

Gomer's a feral boy, and I'm a rescue kitty, so Mom doesn't know when either of our birthdays are. Of course I know when my birthday is, but I'm old enough to keep my mouth zipped about that one! wink

We pretend that Christmas Day is our birthday. Mom gives us each a gift she know we'll love, in a gift bag with no tissue, so that we'll be able to open the present ourselves.

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My birthday is coming up on the 29th. I usually get real tuna or salmon and some kind of toy for my birthday. We'll see what I get this year! hehe

Mommy doesn't know my brother Arthur's real birthday. She just knows that he was born in mid-fall so we celebrate his birthday on Halloween. smile

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Purred: Thu Jun 23, '05 11:35am PST 
well my mommy says my birthday is 04/04/04
happy belated birthday!


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Purred: Thu Jun 23, '05 6:03pm PST 
I was born 9 days before my mommy had a birthday. She said I and my brothers and sister were the best present she ever got. I don't that but I have left her presents. I was born July 6th and will be turning 6 this coming July. Happy Birthday and purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs to all kitties!!!!


Purred: Wed Jun 29, '05 3:19pm PST 
My birthday was June 4rth smile My mommy doesnt know my real birthday, but sense she was born FEb. 4rth, she chose June as the month(she counted the how old I was. Sense I was only about 7 months, and got June. So, my birthday is June 4rth!) She didn't go to the pet store, instead she gave me some tuna, and some peices of paper, foil, etc.. Sense I never play with the toys she buys me wink Only house-hold items wink