hearbroken @ very I'll oriental

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Hi there.
I'm in a state of despair. I have 2 gorgeous pedigree siamese neuters. I recently acquired a beautiful oriental. She has been I'll since the day I got her, started with sniffles, snotty nose. Quickly deteriorated into mucky eyes, nose, fever, heavy discharge from ears, a blocked ear drum, vertigo! The kitten has been on entry level anti-biotics and most recently the quinine class! She is well for 3 or so days then I'll again?? Breeder insists FIV and leukemia tests for both kitten's parents are negative... What do I do? Keep giving courses of anti-biotics and accept I was given a sick kitten or make a tough choice. She's divine an beautiful but costing me. Fortune and is in pain... My so ease are 100% healthy....
Heart broken