does your cat have a story of a bad experience ?

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if u cant beat- em join em
Purred: Sat Jun 6, '09 1:35pm PST 
my cat Mika has had many close encounters with death but fortinatly she has made it out of them all

well im going to tell all you readers about one of her encounters. She is of course a deaf girl so she had no idea that there was a person behinde her i had let her outside that day and she hadnt come back she normaly would within 30 minutes so i went to find her and i had seen a person kicking a small white creature on the ground at first i thought it was a small bag of somethin until i saw the glint of her little silver tag around her neck so i went over to the guy and pushed him and of course im only 110 pounds so i couldnt fend him off but luckily there was a cop near and he came to my and Mikas rescue Mika had to be placed in urgent care the ICU in the vet clinic for 3 days until she was able to eat on her own again she has many scars from cuts from that day but shes still the same old Mika.


Purred: Mon Sep 14, '09 7:53am PST 
Poor thing. Deaf cats and blind cats have a big disadvantage when they are outside. People are mean and special-needs cats should not go outside. I have a cat with limited vision. She never goes out.