Helpp! What kind of cat am I!!??

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Purred: Sat Sep 17, '11 2:23pm PST 
At first I thought Vixi was a maine coon but then my friend suggested she was a norwegian forest cat but I'm still not sure. Can anyone help me?


Purred: Sun Oct 30, '11 12:53pm PST 
I have the same problem. The people at the shelter said I was a Maine Coon, but I have short legs, a short-ish tail, a low-slung long body, and my fur is very poofy and has a coarse woolly texture. I weigh 17 lbs and have big bones and a heavy frame. I think I am a Norwegian Forest Cat. How can I be sure? hug

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look at the paws.
if they about a 1/2" of fur sticking out in between the pads of their "palm" and "toes", its probably a norwefian.
i thought mine was, and once i read that norwegians had that furry paw that causes them to slip on slick floors, i knew mine was indeed a norwegian forest cat.


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i have the same problem like you too, Sterling I first thought was a Norwegian until my vet said he could be a marine coon, but i see most of the traits of a Norwegian because he has fur sticking up between the toes.. Please help me know him better!!kitty


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Hi i'm just wondering if my cat could be a norwegian forest cat he looks alot like one and acts like one. But my cousin found him out in the snow. Somebody threw him out when he was only 4 weeks old.