Is this a nebelung cat?

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Purred: Mon Jan 14, '13 3:08pm PST 
Im not sure how to do this! I recently picked up my kitty from a private home in november. They had found her on the side of a road abandoned and they dont know what breed she is. I've been looking around and the internet and found a description for the nebelung cat that describes her perfectly. When we got her her eyes were grey but theyve changed to an olive green. She has the physical characterstics I believe, of the Nebelung, and the way they described her personality is to a T.

I don't know if you can tell by her profile picture but if you could take a look and let me know what you think? Thanks@


Purred: Sun Sep 28, '14 3:35am PST 
I can tell you that the picture looks EXACTLY like my boy's kitten picture smile