Any other Munchkins?

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A Spring In Her- Step
Purred: Mon Oct 13, '08 10:10am PST 

I'm Paisley, and I was wondering whether or not there are some other kitties with short legs around here.

Even though my legs are short, I can jump across tables in my dad's house! hamster dance How about you?

PS. I also love Pringles.


Small but- mighty!
Purred: Wed Jun 10, '09 12:47pm PST 
Hi Paisley!
I'm a Munchie too!!! Are you as spoiled as I am?


I may be little- but I am loud.
Purred: Thu Jun 11, '09 6:52pm PST 
Yes, I am a munchkin too. I live in a house with my human Mommy and 10 other kitties (I am the only munchkin) and 1 doggie. I am very spoiled and love my home. Mommy rescued me from a shelter, some people dumped me off there as a kitten because they thought I was defective cuz of my legs...and no one adopted me till Mommy saw me and fell in love with me.


"Coconut Island"
Purred: Sun Dec 13, '09 5:23pm PST 
I am a Munchkin...
but biggest personality! wink


purrs like a- motor.
Purred: Thu Mar 4, '10 10:16am PST 
i'm a munchkin! and i loveeee attention and being around other kitties. kitty


If it moves,- bite it.
Purred: Wed Jun 6, '12 12:29pm PST 
I'm Hitchens. I live with my human parents, my 2 cat parents and one cat sister and one human sister and Grandpa Pat the cat, who we are supposed to leave alone but it's fun to bug him lol. My dad and my sister also have short legs. My mom has long legs but that's cause she's not standard. She's still smaller than Grandpa Pat the domestic even with her long legs. I like to watch Lion King with my human sister and eat a lot of tuna and chase things. I also like to go outside with my humans but I wish they would let me go out without a harness. I like bugs.cat on moon