New Here...Have a question for Manx lovers.

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Purred: Mon Oct 21, '13 7:59pm PST 
I have had my cat Abigail for four wonderful years now. Because of her missing tail, someone had suggested her being a Manx breed. I know more than one breed of cat are tailess, and am wondering if she really is a Manx! According to some research she kind of has the body more of a bobtail instead, but I do not know. She is a bit on the smaller side, and I know Manx are generally a larger breed. She acts like a dog like a Manx and is incredibly smart. Three years ago, not even A WEEK before her spay appointment my cat jumped out a window,ran outside for a day and ended up getting pregnant...uh oh...I ended up keeping Mac,and all of the other kitties now have loving homes. (I was very picky in choosing owners too, haha). Out of he 4 kittens, two had stubby tails like she does, one had a full length tail and my Mac has half of a tail. I know Manx can have different tail lengths which is kind of why I am thinking Manx...I am I love her to death!)If you want to take a look at her picture, any thoughts would be great! (: