just wondering if these traits are normal?

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i've just adopted a maine coon mix kitten a few days ago. she is 6 months old and (cliche i know) her name is kitty. The other day i called her and she stood up on her back legs and walked to me and gave me me kiss ( her putting her nose on my mouth for a few seconds and purring)i have never seen any breed of cat actually stand and walk on her back legs before. She also will not let our puppy in my bedroom and when i pick my other kitten, Lily(6 month old Bombay)kitty is right at my feet until i put Lily down. Are Maine Coon cats normally this protective? or is it her mom's breed (unknown) that makes her like this? Also, Lily has taught Kitty how to climb up my legs and sit on my shoulder, how do i stop them from doing this? Lily was never taught to do that, she just started to do it a month or to after we got her. I am new to having any cats, so any advice i can get would be great!

thankyou!! smile