Getting a cat registered as a service animal

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I know the ADA says only dogs and mini horses count - which I think is stupid

but I know there are other licensing places - where I can pay $60 and get paper work and a tag for Zeus and get him registered - is this LEGAL (I have the name on my main computer - I don't remember it right now - but I can't get to it I'm at the hospital)

Zeus is my Seizure Alert Cat - he will alert me up to 90 minutes before a seizure. I am now in a wheelchair - he is getting very protective of me. I've been gone a week right now and he is FREAKING OUT because I am not home. (I have to talk to him on the phone)

I am going on vacation with my family over the summer in 2013. We are going for 2 weeks. I am not sure how he will do with a pet sitter. We want him to come wiht us - fly ON the plane, not under (I have flown with him as a service animal in 2011 - that is when I had people tell me he should not be allowed on the plane because he was a black cat *it was 9/11/11*) And we want to take him into hotels with out problems. He's a special cat

So any advice I would appreciate. TIA


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I know it is more $$$ but until you have proof Soutwest and Airtran
. charges only $74 for a kitty in cabin, under the seat. Also La QuintA lets kitties in w/no extra fee and you can even use CFA's code CATFAN9 to get 10% off the room!


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Cats can be certified as service animals. See https://www.facebook.com/PuddingJung
Pudding alerts his diabetic owner when her blood sugar drops below a certain level. He saved her life the day he was adopted and he is now certified as a service animal. My mom interviewed his owner for a story - she said it's kind of long, drawn-out process, but well worth it, because now Pudding can go everywhere with her, including restaurants, stores, etc.

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You can still certify your seizure service cat if he or she was trained before the law changed in March of 2011 where the ADA forgot to include cats as part of the service animal list.
You will need to take your cat to a certified dog trainer who will perform the public access test that dogs do. After that they will give you a certificate that says your cat was grandfathered when the law changed.
Symie my seizure cat just did it and received a certificate that says-
I hope this helps.