Speak Out About Walmart's Cruelty To Pigs

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http://www.change.org/petitions/speak-out-against-walmart-s-cruelty- to-pigs

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For two months "John" (not his real name) worked undercover inside a pig factory farm that supplies Walmart and other big box companies with pork products.

By the time John left the factory farm, he had video footage of pregnant pigs living in cramped metal cages called gestation crates. He says the animals "constantly ram their heads against their tiny stalls or spend day after day, hour after hour, biting the bars of their cages out of frustration." And he knows it's not just this farm -- gestation crates produce the same conditions wherever they're used.

John says he has to stay anonymous to protect himself from backlash by the industry he just exposed. So he's teamed up with a group called Mercy for Animals to start a petition pressuring Walmart to stop using gestation crates.

John just released his video yesterday, and other stores that use gestation crates, like Kmart and Costco, pledged to stop using this cruel method of raising pigs before it even got out to the public. They joined McDonald's, Burger King, Oscar Meyer, and Kroger who have all agreed to phase gestation crates out of their supply chains.

But Walmart still refuses to drop the crates. Mercy For Animals thinks that massive public outcry against gestation crates will convince Walmart to adopt a stance against gestation crates.

While John says his experience will haunt him for the rest of his life, he's committed to exposing the horrific conditions on farms where they intensively confine animals.

Click here to sign the petition demanding that Walmart -- the top food retailer in the US -- stop supporting gestation crates.

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I will do that.....but most of all don't shop there. Did you know that the Waltons who owned Walmart have more than 49 million of American have in earnings. Why do people support these
people?......There is no Walmart bags in my place....


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I shop at Walmart all the time. I am poor. They are cheap. Is it true that Walmart's pigs are any more mistreated than the pigs supplied to other sellers?