Ask Albert Einstein Medical Center to End the Use of Kittens in its Pediatrics Residency

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PHILADELPHIA—Live cats are unlawfully used in invasive procedures in the pediatrics residency program at Albert Einstein Medical Center, says the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) in a federal complaint filed May 24.


Thank you.


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Okay, done. People are so sick. The world is so sick at times. I don't know what gives these "top of the food chain" %^%(@1** a right to do any of this to any living creature. It makes me so ill.


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Have the doctors experiment on each other or on human children. Sheesh.


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Petition signed! Thanks for the info, Baby. way to go


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o you would rather a bunch of children die then some cats? That is sick.

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I just came from the site to posted & this is what I found! shock

Please click on the green link to see, if you choose to!

It says it's been stopped! Or has it really?

This so inhumane to practice on any animal or human! eek