loose possibly owned cat-what to do

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theres a cat roaming our neighborhood, a very friendly tiger stripe unneutered male cat and he keeps showing up at my door. I feed him, other neighbors feed him and have put a heating pad in a chair on their porch for him to sleep on, which he does. He lives outdoors 24/7 has no collar and tag, I would like to take him in and get him FLV nd FIV tested and neutered before bringing him into my home. I have 3 cats and 2 dogs of my own. That doesn't worry me, but its breaking my heart seeing him outside in 10 degree farenheit weather frown any advice?


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If you're wanting to make sure you are not "stealing" someone else's cat, I would think asking around the neighborhood and/or putting up a few fliers would suffice. Some papers also let you place a free "found pet" ad. You could also call the shelter to see if anyone has called looking for this cat. When you take him to the vet, have them scan for a microchip also. Sounds like he could use a nice warm home. Hope it works out.

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First, BLESS you and the other neighbors who are feeding this cat, and especially for you providing a warm place for him to sleep. Just our two cents, but if the cat is constantly roaming the neighborhood, his "owners" do not need to be found. And if you want to take him in, have him checked out and neutered, go right ahead. That cat will have a wonderful Christmas present, a warm, safe, loving furrever home.

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