What do I do-I think my neighbor stole the Deli's cat

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Orange Ruffy

The Baboo Kitty- has Spoken!
Purred: Thu May 5, '11 5:36pm PST 
Three weeks ago we had a friend here for dinner. About 11pm there was a loud thumping on our door. Our across the hall neighbor stood there, and had the deli cat with her. She was with a guy I didn't know and was laughing and carrying on-she was obviously high or drunk.
Our cats started carrying on, Smokie jumped on Ruffy who then ran in circles, so my husband went into the hall to speak with her. He said that she and her 'friend' told him that the deli cat was locked out for the night and she was going to look after it. (She has 2 cats that aren't treated terribly well-she's got major issues-the ASPCA was here to investigate a complaint against her, but I don't know what happened. I mean, she doesn't abuse them but I know they don't get vet care, and their boxes have sometimes been dirty the two times I've been there. I've in the past bought her both food and litter).
Anyway, I hadn't seen the deli cat out lately-I thought maybe his owners wised up and were keeping him inside the store, but today when my husband went in, the young girl told him the cat has been missing for a couple weeks! It co-incides with the time the neighbor was out in the hall with him!
We went over yesterda to try to talk with her-2 days earlier she was screaming and carrying on in the hall-but she wasn't answering or wasn't home.
I called the ASPCA, mentioned there was a prior case, and I was very concerned. I told them what had happened, but I was told that it was a 'stolen property' issue, and not something they had any jurisdiction over. They advised me to tell the Deli lady make a complaint to the police. I know she won't-she is old time Polish and is not very into getting involved with LE. She doesn't speak great English, either, and I just don't think she'd do it.
I would like to help somehow. I looked all over for the card of the ASPCA officer that was here that day, but I don't have it-the day that they got a complaint about this neibhbor months ago.
I'm just wondering if anyone knows of anything else I can do? I'm really worried about this cat! I know the Deli shouldn't have let him out-and I've spoken with them about it in the past-but some people just don't understand...but my main concern is this cat. Anyone have any ideas? We're trying to talk with our neighbor.