NEW Excuse for Michael Vick and dog fighting....

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In a "Letter to the Editor" in our local paper (The Times-Picyune) in New Orleans, La. the following letter appeared...I only quote a couple of sentences:

"I think Michael Vick got a bad deal. During his childhoold in Virgina, dogfighting was part of the local culture, and had been for a very long time. He simply engaged in an ugly behavior that was part of what he grew up with. As gruesom as this "sport" is, it is hard not to admire those marvelous beasts in combat, and that is what accounts for its popularity."

WHAT THE MEOW!!!! First, I think he insults all the residents of Virginia. I have many relatives and friends who live in that state and NONE of them condone dogfighting. And what do those "marvelous beasts" look like after a fight??? Guess the writer thinks we should bring back Gladiators fighting to the death, and other "sports" from the "good old days."

I was so angry had to post and share this.

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Ahhhhh, the favorite subject, of NFL fans, huge huge fistfights. naughty

When Goodelle decided, Vick could play again, Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons, who still officially, owned Vick, said, no, I don't want him back. Blank suspended him, under pressure from PETA, who was not going to leave the Falcons facilities, until he did. Blank is pretty low key, he don't like alot of controversity.

So he was released by the Atlanta Falcons.

No NFL team wanted him, Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, said, oh heck no, he ain't a welcome in Dallas, and we got a tall tree a waitin on him.

So under pressure from a past Indianapolis Colts coach, and who knows what he is now, but somebody that is apparently pretty powerful, Vick was forced on the Philadelphia Eagles. Owner Jeff Laurie pretty much said so, in his press conference. PETA's eyes lite up, and said, ah, Philadelphia is now our new home.
Somebody got to them too.

The first time, Philadelphia played in big D, they left Vick home, smart move on their part, as Texans, got their own brand of justice.

So then Mc Nabb gets hurt, Philadelphia not playing to well anyhow, and the Eagles fans, weren't too happy about having Vick on their team either. Wanted Kolb to play. Somebody strong armed somebody, Laurie tends to just go with the flow, he don't want no trouble either, and the next thing ya know, Vick is the starting QB of the Philadelphia Eagles. Eagle fans about threatened to mutunity. Dallas Cowboys eyes lite up, oh boy, now he gotta come on down to Dallas.

Well what do you know, Vick actually turned the Eagles around, and make them playoff contenders.
Eagle fans, who already had hit men hired, now thought he was the greatest thing, since sliced bread, worshiped him like a god, and now were his defenders.

Huge huge fistfights on the NFL boards. Whatever team they played, fist fights ensued on the boards, but,
those monitors, let us duke it out, and so we did. They only took down something if it got racist or swear words were involved.

So he comes on down to the big D. Dallas beat the crap out of him, no flags, nothing called, refs just let Dallas do it. They been a waitin on that day. Eagles coach pitched a huge fit.

Then Vick decided he wanted a dog. For his kids, he said.

Fist fights erupt again, on the boards.

I even put up a post about it, its in the What I Love About Catster section, about halfway down, got no responces, oh well, had my fill, fighting with the Eagles fans.

They just kept repeating the same thing over and over again, its his culture, its what he grew up with, and so on and so on. Ya, like that is an excuse. But, if he felt that way, why, when the investigation started, did he down right lie, and said, oh it wasn't me, I got nothing to do with it, it was those other guys. It was because he knew, what he was doing, was wrong, and was illegal. He is sorry, sorry he got caught.

They kept saying he did his time. So I asked, what if he had molested a child or killed a child, would you feel the same way? Would you still feel, he should have another child? They never had an anser for me, just kept saying he did his time.

And, in today's paper, in the sports section, an article about Vick, who is the NFC QB for the Pro Bowl, in HI. About how he is so lucky, to be playing, and in HI, and all the money he is making, bla bla bla. Made me sick. If he had fizzled out, at QB, he would be working at McD's, and not be treated like a deserving football player, who has talent, and some sense of responsibility and right and wrong.

I am just real glad, Green Bay, knocked Philadelphia out of the playoffs. Vick coming into my stadium, for the Super Bowl, oh heck no!

Payback is a *B*, and he gonna get some more, next season, when Dallas plays Philadelphia again, twice.
We can'ts wait, until he comes on down, to the big D, again. naughty

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Sadly, his girlfriend has 2 dogs....so he actually HAS dogs through her....sickening...the universe will balance itself out....we will wait for that day to come.....

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having a moment of my own, here...FB friend who i went to school with since we both wore pigtails and made daisychains in the pine straw recently threw her cat out to be a permanent outside kitty after she scratched up a doorway, AFTER she "pretty much beat her...LOL". it's that LOL that's making me grit my teeth. now after i and another individual commented unfavorably, she has implied that she did not in fact do this, and was trying to get a "rise" out of me...but i had allowed for that, and had in fact automatically assumed she was kidding at first...and she came back with no, i pretty much beat her...shockLOLshock (WHY is that FUNNY?)
but the relevance? she goes on to say that she is still "boss" in her house. and THAT'S the local attitude that i know is pushing her. it's the same hill country pride crap that had my grandfather pulling the tongue out of a mule that wouldn't do what he wanted it to, and had his son, my father, kicking a dog almost to death because it chewed its way through a soft metal grate in a door. it's the 'give 'em an inch and they'll take all we have and never mind that we started it we're gonna finish it too' nonsense i've dealt with since i was old enough to notice things. negotiation is weakness. negotiation to some people means you've already lost.
and yeah. these tend to be the kind of people who think there's a kind of grandeur in animals-or people-fighting to the death. and i wish i could say i didn't get it, but i can't. because i do get it, and there's a place for that mindset. but that place is for those who can choose it, or for times when there is no other choice.


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Actually, kaya, in my opinion, this is people who have anger management issues, and take our their rage on animals, because they can, because the animal, can't fight back, per say. These same people will mentally and physically abuse children and women. Its called domestic violence, only my opinion. big grin

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We live in VA and don't know or associate with people who believe that fighting dogs or any other animals is right!

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er...cowboy? did i say anything that was in any way mutually exclusive with what you said? yes, it is quite likely that there are some people in the audience that fit your description, and it is possible that some of the people who run these operations also fit your description. but...and it seems like i say this to someone at least five times a day, so perhaps it is my own prayer of sorts: it's just not that simple.
consider that this just might not be a simple issue, not even a SINGLE issue, and that not everyone who does things you consider monstrous is in fact a monster. also, yes, i see a certain beauty in dogfights when the dogs are choosing to fight. i see staged dogfights as a human perversion. but growing up where i did and having seen many naturally occurring dogfights, i actually do understand how this perversion develops.
it is when we remove their choice-and just the fact that a device called a "rape stand" even exists says it all for me-that it becomes a perversion of their nature and ours. but blithely saying that everyone who goes to dogfights is also a domestic abuser...you are simplifying very complex issues, and cheapening the pain of ALL the victims involved. and since i am one? i have every right to speak.


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Aw, y'all know that them Pit Bulls are just like lil ol' kitty cats and wouldn't harm a flea. The whole story has been trumped up by the press. Vick was actually just supervising a frog race, one which involved no violence or fatalities. It's all a lie that's being foisted on the American people by mainstream media and the usual suspects--the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Opus Dei, and the Reptilians.

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What this writer doesn't realize is that Pit bulls weren't bred for fighting but a variety of tasks but mostly in the use by butchers for helping slaughter cows and in fact in Victorian England they were nicknamed 'Nanny Dogs' because they were bought to help care for children and keep them safe when parents weren't around. In some versions of Peter Pan illustrations, Nana appears as a Staffordshire terrier (not a pit bull, but in the bully family).
I think it's BS that this writer seems to talk about dog fighting like a great Gladiator battle. These dogs are abused, neglected and are physically and psychologically- a mess. I've met so many scarred up ex-dogfighter pits who are actually very dog friendly and would rather play and cuddle then fight. It's the people that enjoy it, Never the dogs.
Pitbulls have such a bad rap when most pit bulls are actually gentle and loyal.

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it is NOT in the nature of the breed to be vicious, you are correct. it is not even true that their training is the problem...they aren't TRAINED, they are abused and starved and trapped in the ring, or dogfights would NOT take the form they take. dogs don't fight like that. i've seen "natural" dogfights. they fight until hierarchy is settled, then it's OVER. they're trapped in those tiny rings not to protect the spectators but to keep them from getting away from each other, to keep the fight from ending.
PETA claimed that the dogs from Vick's 'enterprise' should be put down because they were too dangerous...ye olde, they've tasted blood rationale, or whatever. crap. Best Friends rehabilitated them. the only dogs put down were those who were in too much physical agony with no real hope of recovery.
so frustrating. if you've never seen an actual, natural dogfight, then your ignorance can be excused...they pretty much last two minutes, on average. or less. that's the actual fighting. the rest is pageantry. body language. doggy ballet. canine culture. not saying dogs don't sometimes just throw DOWN and do each other serious damage...but typically? think sumo wrestlers. a lot more circling and kicking sand than actual contact. staged dogfighting is a perversion. a HUMAN one.