Some sick creep is poisoning the ferals, people's pets, how can we catch who's doing it?

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Velcro (In- Loving- Memory)

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Even before I moved in here my fiance and his father were feeding the feral and stray cats. A few days ago a neighbor's dog got loose, I never see their dog loose, (s)he was poisoned and came back to their property to die. Now one of the neighborhood cats we've been feeding, a relatively social cat but too afraid to come inside (we've tried) has been poisoned as well. I feel infuriated above all, but also just completely sick to my stomach. The neighbors who's dog was poisoned suspect it was someone down the street, but none of us know who, or what kind of poison they are putting out. This neighborhood used to be so "cool" about ferals, we rarely ever saw animals getting hit by cars, at least two other people just on this block feed the feral and stray cats, and most people in the neighborhood have some kind of pet. Now this, no poisoning incidents, at least of domestic pets, until now.

I'm pretty darn sure it's illegal to put poison out in the open where just any animal or person can get to it, I know in the house it is illegal.

I plan to write a letter to the surrounding area or state newspapers. I'll start with a letter to the editor and go from there. Other than that I don't know what to do. The animal control here is extremely understaffed and underfunded, and they've had to let hoarders go unprosectued because they don't have enough staff to attend the court dates and they've already got other cases in the court they have to attend. The police also don't get involved with animal issues unless someone sicks a dog on somebody or something like that, and even then it's mostly up to Animal Control to do something about it.

I'm really scared, Velcro got loose today, and that could have just as easily been her if she decided to wander off the property for whatever reason. She's indoors safe now. We won't be able to have any windows open, thank fully we have an air conditioner and fans. NO animal deserves to die of block or liquid poisoning, not even "pest" animals. I found out how those poisons work and it's a slow and agonizing process. Now I will only use either live traps or if absolutely necessary if we had a rodent problem, mouse/rat traps which at least kill them quickly. I can understand people not wanting stray or wild animals on their lawn, but that's why there is fencing and live traps.


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I suspected 2 feral cats we were feeding were poisoned last year
what are the symptomsthinking
Shadow & Scruffy's 2 littermates died mysteriously last year, they were perfectly healthy in the am by the pm of the day before both died, they refused to eat & were listeless, they didnt let us handle them,
one kitten I noticed his belly moving, both I found dead under our deck the next day they died about a week apart My neighbor & I took in the remaining litter mates who have never had any health issues. also in same time period I was reported to the town by an anonymous neighbor for feeding strays, my town doesnt allow catch & spay they have to be licensed house pets, along with being spayed, unaffordable to spay and yearly license a number of cats so I unfortunately had to havahart trap remaining strays & bring to town, no other resource, on phone for days to find a better solution to stray cats, i hear our animal control is no kill i certainly hope so

By way i am not smoking in this photo i had just torn up a paper towel & the humans thought it was funny so they took this photo of me


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First step would be to ID the poison.I wouldn't expect alot of creativity here.
Anti freeze would burn out the kidneys. Rat poison or Warfrin would cause internal bleeding.