New Neighbor Hates Cats/Trouble Brewing....

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I live in a mobile home park so my house is pretty close to my neighbors. My neighborhood has a stray & feral cat over-population problem. For the past two years the Humane Society and another cat rescue group has volunteered their services to trap stray and feral cats, fix them, give them shots and then release them where they trapped them.

Last year my mom and I got involved and together trapped over 40 cats. Over the past 7 years we've lived here, we've rescued several strays. Some we've gotten homes for, some we kept as pets inside (7 of them) and we have five strays we feed that live outside.

About a year ago a single man moved into the mobile home next door to my mom and I. At first things were friendly between us, but little by little things have gone south. One day he angrily approached me saying my cats are getting into his flower beds and garden and going potty. I apologized like crazy, tried to explain they are strays and offered to build a chicken-wire fence around his garden. He refused my offer and instead put up some sort of net fence that was not very effective.

He started giving us the silent treatment whenever we were in the yards at the same time. It became very uncomfortable. Then he began sprinkling this white powder all around his flower beds and house. Then these glass jars filled with some kind of yellowy liquid began appearing all around his house. I am freaked out he's trying to poison our kitties!

I overheard him yesterday angrily complaining about us to our neighbor (who also has strays she feeds!) and he was pointing at my house. I finally went to our managers and told them what is going on. They said the man has come and complained about us feeding cats. I don't know what to do about this situation.

We love these strays. Some of them have babies we adopted and who live in our house. We have invested a lot of money into these strays. I feel like I'm being driven from my home. I feel like I need to move. I just don't know what to do about this man. He seems obsessed with my strays and keeping them off his property. He seems to get more hostile toward us every day. It's not like I can tell the cats not to go over there! It's hard to express where my yard ends and his begins. A couple of them are totally feral. I can't even touch them.

Sorry so long! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm not sure where you guys live, but it might be illegal for him to poison the kitties. Also, have you tried Alley Cat Allies? They have a lot of suggestions for situations like this. Good luck!


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Hey!! Wait just a second!! You guys were there first. Didn't he notice that you fed cats outside when he was looking at the space? Be sure and keep a record of what passes between you about the cats, just in case!



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I would make sure that you even contact local small newspapers and let them know what is going on just in case. You were here first. He sounds like a real bad case. He could get in lots of trouble trying to poison your cats. I would get a sample of the stuff when he is not there. I will also pray for your kitties that they are safe.

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I agree with Baby. Take some pictures of these glass jars too when you know he isn't there. Some close up and some from a distance to show they are on his property. Have you thought of setting up a security camera hidden somewhere that might catch his questionable actions? Maybe somewhere inside your home thru a window aimed his way. People set up nanny cams all the time and they would show indisputable proof of his actions. Please stand your ground. You've been around much longer than this dude. You also might check to see if there are any non-toxic things that would keep the cats out of his garden. I've heard ground chili pepper is a deterent. Also, cats don't like the smell of white vinegar. Mix 2 ounces with water in a spray bottle and spray around the garden. Just don't put it in bird bath water. Keep us posted on 'Santa Claus'. wink

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He is a bully and sounds like a nasty piece of work, defiitely get sample of whatever he leaves around. Plus like others have said the cats and other residents were there before him -he is trying to frighten you by threatening your cats. I too will pray for your situation. Have had a male cat hating neighbour before and know its not a good experience to go thru. Good luck.


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we agree that getting samples and even setting up security cams is a great idea. someone once suggested for a similar type situation that one of those deer/hunting cameras that does timed shots is much less expensive than the spy cams/regular security cams.

Our family will be praying for you and your kitties.


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There was actually a show about this very subject on "Rescue Ink" during the first season. Those guys actually went to the home of the guy who was shooting at the strays and set him straight. I'm sure you could probably find it online.

Purrs, and kudos to you for caring for those babies!
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