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Be careful who you get to Petsit your Cats

This is a forum to discuss legislation and legal matters pertaining to the rights and welfare of cats. Please remember to counter ideas and opinions with which you don't agree with friendly and helpful advice and responses.

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Purred: Wed Oct 20, '10 12:45am PST 
The problem is that cats do not do well in boarding. Trust me on this, I've done my research. It's a lot less stressful for them to have someone check on them daily in their home than being boarded in a kennel... Again, a lot of the problems with trusting someone random is if... they're random. I think if you have to go the petsitting route, you want to make an effort to get to know the person who's going to be taking care of your cats, that way you figure out if they are trustworthy.

This is why we prefer our small operator catsitters to one of those catsitter services that have people on call. Both catsitters we've had are basically the sole owner/employee. They do their job for money, sure, but also because they are animal lovers (both our catsitters have been owned by cats and dogs). Would I trust a sitting service where I could not be guaranteed that the same person would work with my pets the whole time? No. But I would trust my current catsitter, he has more than proven that he's reliable, trustworthy, and fond of the cats.

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