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Don't Believe this Cattery!!

This is a forum to discuss legislation and legal matters pertaining to the rights and welfare of cats. Please remember to counter ideas and opinions with which you don't agree with friendly and helpful advice and responses.

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Purred: Sun Aug 22, '10 5:52pm PST 
It's true that a breeder is not likely to show you newborn kittens(although my breeder showed me Chibi when she was still nursing...). And the stud may belong to another cattery, and so not be on the premises. Also, breeders with many cats aren't always too keen on showing you all the cat rooms--there's usually one room where the meet and greet takes place. I do think a breeder should show you the dam and, if possible, the sire, so you'll get an idea of what your kitty may look like/act like in the future. Also, it gives you a feel for how the breeder treats his/her cats.

As for personality not being important in the purebred rings--it depends on the judge. One American judge who I've met in Japan wrote somewhere on the Internet that, if configuration to breed standards are more or less on the same level, she'll pick the cat with the more outgoing personality. It is a given that exhibitors aim to exhibit cats who conform to breed standards, but her opinion is that the cat's personality is the most important thing. Judges may give more leeway to breeds that are known to be high strung. But they do not like cranky Maine Coons, and I was told numerous times by various judges that Harvey would have placed higher if he hadn't tried to attack the judge. One MC exhibitor a few seasons back would keep her ornery cat out of some rings when he was acting up. I've also seen cats with an inferior configuration win over cats with superior configuration because of their personality. And, as everyone knows, biting (or scratching?) the judge can disqualify your cat. Anyway, it depends on the judge.

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Unfortunately, I bought a kitten from Patricia Milhorn in May2010. At that time, her business was called By Dezign Cattery. She is located in Hurricane, WV. Last week, my 2 yr old Lucas died from FIP. During the time that he was sick, I tried to get in touch with Patricia but I never received a response. Only when I did a search for her to see if she had relocated, I found that there are many complaints about her and her abusive and unethical behaviors. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PERSON!!!!

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So very sorry to hear of your tragic loss of Lucas.
You are right this breeder is horrible and should be banned from further breeding and selling of sick kittens.
Many hugs to yo and your family.

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I just have to add my 2 cents to this, I agree with all said - BUT I know someone in my club who got put on rip off report- not because she ripped off, BUT another breeder of the same breed did it, almost like if they put her on rip off report, people would most likely buy the breed from the one that reported the other Do you get me? See that way more $$$ goes to the supposedly good breeder even tho the other one never did anything bad. People are just will do anything to look better than someone dealing in the same breed, its like "buy from me" buy from me". Anyway.. to make it short, this was very hurtful to my club member, I have known her for years and have seen her cattery.. shes wonderful and honest and would never do anyting like that to anyone. Good breeders will give you your money back and take a cat back if necessary.


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From what I understand about FIP, it isn't entirely understood, and kittens from any background can get it. To knowingly sell a cat with FIP is unethical, but just because a cattery (or a vet's office, or a private home) has produced a kitten who later develops FIP, it doesn't necesarily mean that that breeder/caretaker's care is lacking, although cleanliness is important for keeping cats healthy.

You know, I have been away from breeding, and Catster, for a long time, and it seems to me now that a lot of the fuss made about cat breeders is sort of irrelevant. Not in this case, obviously. But cat breeding occurs on such a minor scale compared to dog breeding, and the vast majority of pet cats have no breed whatsoever. Many breeds are owned almost exclusively by cat show enthusiasts, breeders, or regular owners who just have a yen for a certain "look." The world of cats and dogs is entirely different. The world of breed cats is quite small, and the depiction of breeders as evil (yes, this woman sounds evil, but that doesn't mean that all breeders are)seems exaggerated. As far as I can tell, there really aren't many kitten farms equivalent to puppy farms, and the average breeder is a hobby breeder who is not contributing to the cat overpopulation problem. Then again, I show with the CFA, and most of my cat show buddies are breeders--they are an intense group who dominate most of the breeds in Japan (you are not going to find some fly by night breeder selling Selkirk Rexes to a pet shop, for example). I haven't been very active on Catster lately, but I remember that when I was, I was always trying to defend breeders. Now I realize that the prejudice against breeders is (1) largely influenced by the dog breed world, and (2) based on very little actual malfeasance on the part of pedigree cat breeders. Pedigreed cats are mostly a non-problem, unlike the case of pedigreed dogs (if you are inclined to think that pedigreed animals contribute to the overpopulation problem).

That being said, this woman sounds like a bad breeder, which IS a problem, and I feel sorry for the people and cats who have been victimized by her.

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Harvey - have to agree with you!
Most pre-bred cat breeders are hobbyists and trying to produce their "idea" of their chosen breed(s).
Honestly can't think of any cat breeders who have gotten rich off of cat breeding - most are lucky to actually break even.
Any cattery can have a run of really bad luck - FIP can happen even in the best of catteries. But selling kittens with ringworm (which is quite obvious is just WRONG!) - the kitten should be treated and proven to be free of the fungal infection before s/he goes to the new home.

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