Feral cat law in il

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Animal control is trying to tell me I own ALL the feral cats the come by to eat! They haven't done anything yet. But I'm panicing.
According to the Illinois Public Health & Safety Animal Population Control Act (the Act), enacted in August 2005.
Feral cat caregivers are not owners and can' tbe held responsible for the cats.

Does county law over ride this? ?

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Don't know the answer to that, BeBe. Could you try contacting Alley Cat Allies? They should have the answers to that or, at least, give you a contact number to someone in Illinois who would know.

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Alley cat allies is where I learned of the law in the fist place. frown I've been looking and asking everywhere online and it all goes back to that law.

So unless county overrides it? But I don't think so. I printed out the whole thing (12pages) and I'm readng it to get a better idea.

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Bebe, I "bumped" the thread about low-cost spay/neuter for the info.

Maybe you can contact the Illinois Department of Public Health for clarification on state vs county laws. The phone number I have is 217-782-4977.

My thoughts are that in caring for ferals, you are considered a "caregiver", not an owner.


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thanks, I'll give them a call to see what's going on. big grin


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In order to qualify under the new law, the city or governing municipality has to ratify the feral cat program--it's all just irritating bureaucracy.

I highly suggest taking the cats into PAWS Chicago for the $20 spay/neuter/vaccination program. If the area patrol at least sees you making a effort, hopefully they'll leave you alone.

I was getting grief from several of my neighbors for feeding the local feral and stray cats; however, once I told them that I had neutered and vaccinated the cats, they were grateful that I was doing the community a service.