Cats dissected in high school class rooms

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Dr. Morris- Excalibur- Jonathan

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Purred: Sat May 5, '07 4:29pm PST 
Although I don't doubt this could happen,I don't believe a word out of a kid's mouth,I wouldn't doubt she would try to do this solely to terrorize you.It's somewhat suspicious.

I haven't read any further than the first post,however,and I was wondering if you actually had proof this really did happen?

I see nothing wrong with the dissection of certain animals.I actually think that people should be able to dissect animals from the shelter who have been euthanized,so it isn't pointless.I'd rather dissect a dog/cat from a a shelter than,say,a frog or something along the lines of that.

I haven't read any further,so please don't hiss at me!

Sapphire- *Icestar*

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My mommy's daughter went to the middle school nurse because she wasn't feeling good. The nurse asked her what was wrong, and she replied that she had a very bad headache, her stomach wasn't feeling good, and she felt like she was going to throw up because that same day, her science class was dissecting a pig heart. (eww). And then one of the other kids asked if it was true that you dissect
CATS in high school! And the nurse said yes. My mommy's daughter was shocked. Then she came home and told me. And that's how I learned about this terrible truth. I wish that there was a law against this, but unfortunely no. All my wishes go to all those poor kitties who have been killed.cry


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Purred: Mon May 7, '07 4:24pm PST 
I haven't checked every profile so I don't know if any other Canadians here have posted but...

My mom back in high school biology was supposed to do a frog and a fetal pig but said no both times and was instead given the alternative of watching a video of a dissection and answering the test questions that way. She was in no way looked down on for doing so, and actually did better on her paper than most of the class. They were NEVER asked to do a cat!

My mom's mom, is a nurse and she told us she did have to do a cat in nursing school, but they came in garbage bags and they were told the cats were from the shelter. Later in training they did work on human cadavers. Mom's mom also said they had to do rats, they were brought in live, and the teacher killed them by swinging them by their tails and hitting them on the desk silenced

People are disgusting. I totally agree cats should not EVER be used for kids as immature as high school kids, especially since many of these kids will never have anything to do with a medical profession anyways.


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I can see both sides in that if you are in medical school, be it for humans or animals, then you will no doubt have to do this sort of thing. Honestly if a doctor didn't know the bodies of their patients so well I don't know how they'd treat humans or animals.

Now that being said it should never, ever happen in any school other than medical/nursing. No high school, or middle school should have to dissect cats!

When my mom was in high school she did dissect an earthworm and a frog. She was in high school in the early 90's and had never heard of any schools that dissected cats!

It makes her very angry that this is allowed and even protected by law. How do they get around the ASPCA laws, or does the ASPCA and the HSUS just look the other way in the name of "science?"

So very sad. I know she will be giving all of us extra cuddle time tonight!

Beatrice- (Miss You!- '94-'12)

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Lucy, policies in the United States have been changing to be more like in Canada. These are relatively recent changes, though.

It's strange, when our mom was in high school, dissection was mandatory (they didn't do cats), but when she went to Nursing school 12 years later, it was optional.

Bixit Boseph- (taken too- soon)

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My Mom commends anyone who refuses to dissect any animal! And she's especially impressed that a science teacher mentioned in this thread refused to do it!!

Did you know that in many states there are laws (known as "pound seizure") that require shelters to surrender a certain percentage of their cats and dogs to research facilities? I'm willing to bet that if these dissected brothers and sisters of ours weren't euthanized at a shelter, they were surrendered to a research facility that turns a profit for supplying them to schools.


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Research facilities have VERY strict guidelines they have to follow regarding what happens to their animals once they are done with them. Unfortunately, due to the public's negative image of research facilities, most won't adopt their animals out and the animals end up eithanized. I've got several stories about that, but I'll refrain from derailing this thread.

I know my school uses cats that are euthanized at a local shelter. We have such a surplus in my area....there are THREE shelters in my city alone, and ONE of them euthanizes 1800 cats a MONTH due to overpopulation. (they also have an amazing low cost/free speuter program that sterilizes over 4,000 cats a year, so it's not like they're not trying to help)

IMO, if these poor cats who had to be euthanized because not enough people speuter their animals can be used to teach a student how to help other, living cats in the future, we should do it. At least that way there was some benefit from their death, rather than their just being a statistic.


Little Woman
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Im Bambi. I was very upset about the prospect of breeding cats for disceting purposes and I was gonna do a petition. Well I called Jupiter high School in Jupiter Flordia. That's the school. I spoke to the science teacher and she said they do use cat's occassionally but they do not breed cats for this purpose. When they get the cats they are allready dead and soaked in furmaldahide (i know i speeled that wrong) , and the veins are done in some Latex stuff. So, also Florida has laws for this type of stuff that's what the teacher told me. So this story is half truth. Of course Im totally against using companion animals for scientific purposes but the school is not breeding cats for this purpose. H and they get the specimins from the Frey company.red face

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Hey Bambi,
I didn't say the school was breeding the cats. I also didn't explain what she meant about they are breed for that.... sorry. I did check out Frey and if you type in cat in their site search..... they sell all kinds of cats. Where does Frey get their cats...... probably breed for them to sell.


Little Woman
Purred: Mon May 14, '07 1:17pm PST 
red faceHow horrible!red facered facered facered face

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