Cats dissected in high school class rooms

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Purred: Fri May 4, '07 11:29am PST 
I have dissected a clam, but that is as far as I'll go. Basically, if I won't eat it, I won't have it dead for any other reason. And BRED FOR THAT PURPOSE- that just made me mad. It's just as easy to learn about anatomy form a testbook- and if I have to choose in high school between failing and dissecting a cat, then so help me I willl fail!

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Hmm...I don't think it is necessary to dissect a cat in high-school. That just doesn't seem necessary. But even if it was, it is certainly not necessary to BREED cats to be killed for high-school experiments. Any small size city in the US kills several thousand animals each year just because they are not wanted. So, if you think your science class needs to dissect a cat, why not tell them what happens to unwanted animals and let them dissect the cat after that? If they are upset, at least they have learnt SOMEthing!

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Whoops, sorry about the bad link to the Bi-Co news story! Thanks for pointing it out, Icebox!

I'll try again:
Bi-Co News: Animal Dissection

It's a column written by Jonathon Balcombe, Ph.D., who's the Associate Director for Education Animal Research Issues with HSUS.

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I am shocked shock I need to read everyones comments before I can post mine. I'm wondering if this is were the kids are getting the idea ,it's ok to abuse animals?shrug

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wave Another good contact is Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: www.pcrm.org

There is a little blurb in their spring magazine about this and they offer the website: www.DissectionAlternatives.org/students


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When my mama was growing up, she wanted to be a doctor. She took Honors Anatomy at Skyline High School in Dallas, TX, and they had to dissect a cat. At the time, she felt a little guilt over dissecting the cat, but her teacher said that they were euthanized cats from shelters. Most of the cats had been ill and all of them had worms and various battle scars. My mama is so torn over the whole issue of using animals for research. It hurts her heart so bad to think of animals in cages or being killed for research. cry But at the same time, she knows that a lot of the benefits of the research are passed on to us pets. Like epilepsy medicine and antibiotics. So, for now, she sees it as a necessary evil-- evil being the primary term. But she thinks that humans should feel really really bad about it, and hopefully that will lead to ways of researching without using animals.


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just when i thought our schools couldnt get any more disgusting. *sigh*

i remember my friends science class brought in a coyote...it was so sad and creepy. i only glimpsed it and the vision is STILL in my head. i saw the class and they were mesmerized and fighting to get a look at it.



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Purred: Sat May 5, '07 2:51am PST 

I was on Peta and they were having a big thing about cats for school dissection. Some of the cats had COLLARS. SOME WERE CATS THAT WERE STOLEN OUT OF PEOPLES YARDS.


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that is exactly why my mommy wants to go to grad school...so she can become a lobbyist and stop garbage like this from happening in the future! I can understand medical schools to some degree because doctors need to learn how to save lives and such, but HIGH SCHOOL? eek C'mon!
And yes, Mommy had to take biology in college and was made to discet a baby pig and a sheeps eye (both she and daddy were grossed out by this) and the teacher gave them no alternative. Mommy felt it was a waste because it was a biology class for non majors and she didn't think it was that crucial to learn....


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red facered facered faceOh my God it's a good thing im not in that state because Id certinaly put on my list that school and going in and liberating all the cats. Yes i would try to sneak in and take all the cats out. This is such a horrible horrible thing and one of my pet peeves. They are teaching our children not to respect life. A cat is a companion animal and not to be killed for anyreason. A cat is to be protected.red facered facered face

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