Cats dissected in high school class rooms

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Hey Arthur wave

I think you accidently gave the wrong URL for the second link wink. It is about the Iraqi conflict.


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When Mommy was in vet tech school, they had to dissect cats for A&P. She was upset since she was a vegetarian, and she asked the instructor where the cats came from. Their cats were strays that had been euthanized and prepared for dissection. It was pretty obvious from her cat this was true--he was a HUGE tomcat (very unneutered...they actually practiced that too since it was there!), and he had fight scars on his face and hind end.

While she still felt bad, at least he wasn't on the street suffering anymore, and he was able to help her help other animals.

Mommy would NEVER be okay with breeding cats for dissection, but since homeless cats are euthanized, something must be done with them.

(Although if she could, she would opt for the program now, and will fight for her human kitten Rosaleen to be able to do so if she wants to.)

Also, it sounds like that girl needs some parenting. She is obviously callous to the whole procedure, which is disturbing on more levels than just dissection. *sighs* Kids.....

Emma Barrett

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Dear Athena:

You could contact the school principal ask if she or he is aware of this. Also, why not e-mail the ASPCA (aspca.org), the American Humane Society, or call your local Humane Society, heck, e-mail Animal Planet Channel - have your heard about their ROAR (Reach Out, Act and Respond) program - we certainly think they would like to hear about this. I would like to find out the name of the person who made this legal, and let all the cat (and other animal) lovers in Florida vote that person out of office! Why is it okay to dissect cats? I did not hear about anyone dissecting dogs? Don't misunderstand, my meowmy was owned by dogs in the past. Do people think cats are just disposable? And, how much can really be learned by having high school kids dissect cats? I can understand if you are in vet school, but high school?

Look back at history, and remember what happened in Germany in WWII when someone decided that "certain people" were disposable. And, sadly in America today, it is possible to "dispose" of a baby before it is born. Bad things happen when good people do nothing.

We are putting our paws together to pray someone stops this. We are also thankful we adopted such a great purrson, and that there are so many cats and kittens out there who have done the same thing. Please let us know what you find out.

Our meowmy said if you could find out and post the name of the school, and town in Florida SHE would e-mail the ASPCA, etc.

Emma, Louie and Benny Grunch


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Tigga- It's Jupiter High School in Jupiter, Florida.

Maddy- I agree with you on cats that have come from shelters that have been euthanized..... I can handle that better than just breeding for the purpose of dissecting.

Winnie- I can see if it was a college student in vet school. She is in high school..... she is in a nursing class but not sure if that went along with that class...... and if she is becomeing a nurse... why should she be dissecting a CAT.... wouldn't you do a human who has donated their body when they die just for that purpose?

Arthur- Tahnks for those links..... I'm going to check them out now.

I guess the real issue was how immature she was about telling mommy. She was laughing and enjoying the fact of how she dissected them..... oh mommy's tummy is turning. I think mommy is going to talk to her bosses about it..... do you kitties think that would be a good idea? I think her mom would be upset.... her dad like I said is a hunter and doesn't view animals like we do. My mommy is also looking to email the school and school board. Mommy just needs to watch how she approaches this because she doesn't want to get fired or something like that. Her bosses are really good people and so are their kids..... just their daughter is a little immature..... and she's 18 and graduating... YIKES!!! frown


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Here is the link to the law: http://www.flsenate.gov/Statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute& Search_String=&URL=Ch1003/Sec47.HTM
You'll have to cut and paste..... mommy doesn't know how to make it that you can click on the link, sorry. Maybe me and mommy read it wrong.... but it says nonliving mammals...... so that means dogs too?

Emma Barrett

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Athena: I asked my meowmy, and she said she thought your mommy should not mention it to her boss. She said you never know how a human might take this. The boss might view it as your mommy saying something bad about her daughter. We don't want her to get into trouble with her boss. I agree that is is scary that the girl is so callus about dissecting a cat. My meowmy graduated from high school in 1966, and they were only doing frogs.

As you said, what does dissecting cats have to do with studying nursing? Last time my meowy went to the doctor (for humans), she said she did not see any cats in the waiting room. Your mommy could e-mail the ASPCA, the local Humane Society, the national Humane Society, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and remain anonymous. It might get alot more done about this, or give some answers to questions raised in this discussion. Where are the cats coming from? How does the school obtain them, and do they even ask the origin of the cats?

Please keep us posted, and God Bless your mommy for her concern.

Emma, Louie and Benny

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At first, I thought this was just this one school that carried out this practice but I mentioned it at one of the Catster groups I'm in and another cat told me it goes on all over the U.S. and every year about 100,000 cats are used for this purpose in scools.

I'm so shocked that they do this in schools and also at the reaction of your mom's bosses daughter! Mind you, with young girls these days, nothing surprises me really.

There is a contract animal testing facility here in the UK called Huntingdon Life Sciences that uses cats and they have to have SERIOUS security because of the outrage it causes.

Winnie and- Chester

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Why would they do it in nursing school? Because the anatomical structure of the cat internally is VERY close to human beings. Bottom line there is no way this could be done on humans at every level of training, there are no where near enough bodies available/donated.

I am as much a cat/pet lover as anyone on Catster but you those of you freaking over this are just missing the big picture. Do you realize you are all alive this long because of research that involved animals? And before you start about how that research should be banned, do you have any clue how well most animals are treated during research studies. There are better protections for animals during research than there are for any human patient.

The bottom line, the use of animals in teaching (at some level, which can be argued) and in research are critical. They are needed for teaching, they are needed for testing and being ok with that does not make you inhumane it makes you realistic! And to compare this to the Nazi's in WW2 is ludicrous

As for the using pound animals vs bred animals, I totally disagree they should be using pound animals that is exactly what leads to pets being stolen and also to shelters dumping cats instead of trying to find them home. If a market were allowed for any pet to find its way into the research or teaching arena pets would suffer for it.

There is also a disease control issue, if the animals being used come from a controlled environment then the universities/schools can be relatively sure they do not have contagious diseases that students/researchers are being exposed to.

I can not speak 100% to the disecting rules (although I know in college ours had come from a supplier) I can speak very authorattively to the research issue (I spent 10 years in the bio medical research field) and any animal used in research MUST come from a company who breeds for that purpose. This prevents a lot of abuse, stealing and harm to pets. It also guarantees the genetics are known, the health status is known and documented and the treatment of the animals is known.

There are EXTREME controls on how the animals are treated on site, there are immense rules on what you can do to them, they pain they can be exposed to, the stress they can be put under and so on. I would come back as a research animal in a heart beat, my rats had better lives than most people I know and certainly had more protections on them.


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Hi there! Mom had to disect a live rabbit in highschool. It was asleep with chloroform but still. I think if they are euthanized and used for vet school ONLY, then is not bad because vets need to know, same with doctors practising with people, but I disagree that it has to be seen by junior and highscool students. What's the point? buy a freaking book for gods sake!


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Winnie- I see your point. But this girl is not in vet school or nursing school. She is in high school. She is taking a nursing class, but I don't think she or the majority of students in high school are mature enough to handle that. I'm sure there are some very mature kids in high school that will do this for learning only...... but the way she was callus about it and found it fun how she cut them open and stuff rubbed mommy the wrong way.

Buda- I agree!! The maturity level is NOT there in high school to be able to deal with that stuff properly.

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